Alien Kids Craft
The Man from Mars

With alien kids craft you can pretend to be the man from Mars. You are friendly and your ship needs repairs. Or you are negotiating peace with the earthlings. Maybe you just want to give others gifts from your home-world. Or you want to tell others about your life on your planet.

You will need;

  • a paper plate,
  • Green tissue paper
  • Green and white craft foam,
  • White glue
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
  • Black marker

Alien Kids Craft Directions

cut eyes and mouth

Cut holes for eyes and a mouth in your plate.

add tissue to plate

Cut strips of green tissue paper. With a glue stick, glue tissue paper on the plate.

add face

Make a nose and facial feature with a marker. (I made mine smile because I think he would be friendly. “Peace.”)

make antennas

To make the antennas, cut a spoon shape out of green craft foam. (We know that all aliens have antennas somewhere on their head.) Cut another piece of green foam to place on the spoon handle. Next cut two white ovals.

glue pieces together

Glue the green spoon handle on the handle of the spoon shape. Then glue on the white ovals. On the whites make a black dot. Tape the antennas to the paper plate.

Now have some fun with your alien kids craft. You could make a fort in your living room or outside to resemble a spacecraft that these men fly. Or you can make a UFO. Have fun!

Now for Some Fun Facts from Books and Movies

The “War of the World” by H. G. Wells was published in book form in 1898. It was adapted for radio in 1938. The first part of the story was presented as a news bulletin. Many people thought that the invasion was really happening and panicked. There is also a film version.

Martians are not always green. In the book The Martians by H. G. Wells they were brown with sixteen tentacles.

In some films and books Martians invade Earth. In other books and movies they are a civilized race.

In “Out of the Silent Planet” by C. S. Lewis the creatures call Mars “Malacandra”. There are several different Martians that live on the planet. Some are the Hrossa, the Seroni, and the third group is the Pfiftriggi.

In Ray Bradbury short story collation “The Martian Chronicles” The Martians had telepathy powers. Their powers were so great that because of them, some of the Martians were adopting some of the human culture. They were doing that because of a spaceship from Earth. The Martians did not know where the inspiration was coming from. They were described as having brown skin, yellow eyes, and russet hair.

In “Looney Tunes” there is a Martian called Marvin the Martian.

Did you realize that your alien kids craft does not need to be green? Have your child use his favorite color.

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