8 Beach Crafts for Kids

by Karen & Grace Morris

Studying about the Oceans? Here are some beach crafts for kids that will make your learning fun. Make creatures that live on the shore and in the sea. Or make a sandcastle out of recycled containers. So let’s find some inexpensive supplies and start crafting.

8 ocean themed crafts

Some of these creatures live in the deep, deep sea. Others you will find near the shore. The pictures below will take you to different beach crafts you can make using a paper cup.

The pictures will take you to each craft's directions

Crabs live in the ocean, in fresh water, and on the shore. This craft is made with a small paper cup. You could even use it as a finger puppet.

Your kids can have fun stringing beads for the eight arms of the octopus.

Look at all the teeth! The shark can either sit on a desk or be used as a finger puppet.

More Beach Crafts for Kids

Several of the projects below use recycled materials. Remind your kids to reduce, reuse, and recycle their trash. This can help keep our beaches clean.

Not going to the ocean this year? You can still make a sandcastle at home. Adding salt makes the castle look like sand. This activity uses recycled materials.

Sand dollars are interesting creatures that you find at the beach. You can decorate a lid of a container to look like a sand dollar.

Here is another creature that you can find on the beach and in tidal pools. The starfish or sea star is easy to make using paint and glitter.

Here is a jellyfish that uses a recycled water bottle. You can make it in your favorite color.

Interesting Facts about Beaches

There are several types of beaches that you can visit. Some are rocky and have tidal pools where you can see live sea creatures. Others are sandy where you can find interesting shells. Some oceans are tropic and others are in temperate zones.

 Do you know that one of the largest beaches is Praia do Cassino in Brazil? It is a sandy beach that is about 158 miles long. There are also other very long beaches. Such as Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria, Australia which is about 94 miles and Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh.

Have fun making beach crafts for kids. We hope that you also learned some amazing facts about ocean life.

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