Easy Beaded Christmas Tree

The beaded Christmas tree pin is supper easy and fast. Either you or your child can make several in an afternoon.

tree pin

I am sure that there are women on your list that would like a pin for Christmas. A child could make one for his mom or grandmother. It would also make a unique gift for a teacher.

To make this pin you will need to gather;

  • A twelve inch pipe cleaner

I used green but the pipe cleaner does not show much so you probably could get by using another color.

  • A six inch pipe cleaner
  • One gold pony bead,

I used gold to represent a star, but you could use any color you want.

  • Twenty-four green pony beads
  • Thirteen red pony beads

or use another color pony bead for the trees decorations

  • One pin back
  • Green craft string

I used metallic beads. I really liked the way that they sparkled. It almost looks like the pin has Christmas lights.

Directions for Beaded Christmas Tree

Put the gold pony bead on one end of the twelve inch pipe cleaner. Fold over the end so the bead stays on. Fold the pipe cleaner in a zigzag shape. Each row will have more beads. The first row is the gold bead. The next row will have a green, red, and green bead. Then the next row will have a green, red, green, red, and two green beads. Continue putting on beads and folding until the last row has nine beads in the green, red pattern.

 (In the middle ages, they put red apples on the trees. The red beads on the Christmas tree remind me of this fact).

Tie the rows together with green craft string. Then your tree will have a triangular shape. Be sure to cut off any extra string.

Now thread one end of the six inch piece of pipe cleaner in a hole on the pin. Also twist the end to the tree. Continue wrapping the smaller pipe cleaner around the tree and the holes in the pins back.  Your pin is done and ready to give!

If you didn’t want to make a pin you could leave the pin back off and place a Christmas tree hanger under the gold bead. Then you could hang use the tree as an ornament. Or you could put a magnet on the back so you can put it on the refrigerator.

Doesn’t your beaded Christmas tree look lovely? Just like in the song “Oh Christmas Tree”.

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