Cotton Ball Snowman Scene

Making a cotton ball snowman is a great sensory project for young kids. Pulling cotton balls apart is a stress reducing activity that your kids will love doing. You might want to have some baby wipes or a wet paper towel to wipe sticky fingers on. Gluing the cotton to the paper can get sticky.

cotton ball snowman

A traditional snowman is made with three snowballs, each one smaller as you go up. People use buttons for eyes, and mouth and a carrot for nose.  They may also sometimes place a hat or scarf on finished sculpture.  People have used other things to decorate their snowman. It depends on what is available.

Supplies for the Cotton Ball Snowman

  • Lots of cotton balls
  • Construction paper
  • Glue


If you are not good at drawing circles freehand you will need either round shapes or a compass. Sense I am not good at drawing I like using shapes.
On an eight by eleven piece of construction paper draw three overlapping circles.

For this craft I used a cottage cheese container and a three ounce drinking cup.

First turn the cottage cheese container so that the open top is on the paper. Draw around the edge.

Turn the cottage cheese container over. Place it so that it overlaps the circle on the bottom of the page, draw around it.

Next place the top of the drinking cup on top of the circle that you just drew. Draw around it to make the head.

Have your child pull apart several cotton balls. You will need a pile of cotton.
Place glue inside the large circle and have your child add pieces of cotton. When the circle is full add glue to the next circle. Continue until the snowman is covered.

If you have leftovers you can make a snow scene on the bottom of the paper. You could even put small dots of cotton to represent snowflakes falling from the sky.

With a hole punch make circles for eyes and buttons. Have your child glue them on. Cut a small piece of orange paper to make a carrot nose.

Make a triangular shape that will fit on the top of your snowman. It will look something like a stocking hat. Glue it to the head.

The cotton ball snowman will make a nice scene for a bulletin board for either December or January. If you have several children you could work together and make a large snowman.

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