Crafts for Kids Newsletter February 2020

by Karen & Grace Morris

This month subscribers only craft has to do with pi. You should have about a month to collect supplies and get ready to celebrate Pi Day. The supplies are not hard to find so you will have plenty of time.

February 2020 Newsletter

Crafts to Help Your Kids Celebrate
Pi Day

Pi Day is usually celebrated with fruit pies. Sometimes people even throw pies at each other. Well, there won't be any of that here. We play nice. We also won't have you recite the pi to the highest decimal place. You won't even have to know any math to the crafts.

As we learned from the newsletter pi is usually represented by 3.14 and celebrated on March 14. We use pi to find the circumference of a circle. So the circumference of a circle equals pi or 3.14 times the diameter. The diameter is the length of a straight line that goes from the side of the circle through the center and to the other side. 

We use circles in crafting for the nose of an animal, to make flowers, spots on ladybugs, and the shape of a face.

You will need;

  • Different sized lids
  • Different colored construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch

Here are two crafts that we made using the supplies above. 


flower made with circles

To make a flower find a lid with a diameter of  2 3/4 inches. Trace around the lid and then cut  out of yellow paper.

Remember that the diameter is the line that goes from one side of a circle through the center to the other side.

Then cut five circles that have a diameter of 1 3/4 inches.


bear made with circles

Use a lid with a diameter of 6 inches for the head. Cut two circles with a diameter of 1 3/4 inches for the ears. The eyes have a diameter of 1 inch. Then punch two holes for the pupils. Cut the nose from black paper. The lid that I use had a diameter of 1 1/4 inches. 

Don't worry if your lids are of different sizes. Use larger circles for faces, small circles for noses and eyes, and a hole punch to make the pupils. 

After you have made the flower and bear, cut different sized circles from colored paper and see what your kids can make. Have fun celebrating Pi Day with making crafts out of circles.


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