Let’s Not Make a Mess Glitter Christmas Tree

This glitter Christmas tree looks special. It sparkles like it has lights or is sprinkled with fairy dust.

Before we do our craft did you know;
There is a legend that Martin Luther was walking home one starry night. He saw the stars through the trees in the forest. He thought that his family would like to see the sight. So he recreated it with candles on an evergreen tree in the house.

glitter trees

Also did you know that farmers start shaping an evergreen during its third year of its life? It take seven or more years before it is in the proper cone shape and is high enough to make a proper Christmas tree.

Directions for the Glitter Christmas Tree

To make your glitter Christmas tree you will need white glue and glitter. I used green. You will also need something to mix your glue and glitter in. I used a paper plate.

Also have a wet paper towel or baby wipe to clean messy fingers after you make your prints.

First you will want to mix your glue and glitter. I used a little bit of water so that the glue was not too thick. Then add glitter and mix with your finger.

Start by dipping three fingers in the glue glitter mixture. Place your fingers on a paper plate sideways. This will make the trees stem.

Dip your three fingers again. This time place your pointer finger over the stem. Dip your fingers again. Place ring finger over the stem. You should see six fingerprints.

Now continue dipping your finger and making finger prints on the plate. You start printing just inside your last print, so that the tree is in a triangle shape.

(This reminds me how the Christmas tree grows in “The Nut Cracker”).

Make one last print in the center for the top of the tree.

Let your Christmas tree dry. When it dries you will not see the fingerprints. You will only see a tree shape.

I tried this on an eight by eleven piece of typing paper. It looked okay but I had to draw around the shape with a marker to better define the tree shape. For young children draw the shape first before doing the finger printing.

When I started thinking about making a glitter Christmas tree I wanted to use handprints. There is only two ways to make a handprint tree. Either draw around your child’s hand and cut out the paper or have your child stick his hand in paint and make a print.

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