Paper Cup Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? This paper cup snowman is easy to do.

Even though it doesn’t snow a lot where I live, I had always loved going outside to build a snowman.

paper cup snowman

One time with the help of my siblings we built one nearly six feet tall. Here is a snowman that you can make inside the house.

Don’t worry this one is small. Use this as a craft for a winter themed Christmas party. Each guest could make a snowman to place at his table setting.  For your party you could serve pizza with pepperoni eyes and mouth. You could also have hot chocolate with marshmallows to drink.


To make your paper cup snowman you will need;

  • Three oz cup
  • White, black, and orange paper
  • White pom-pom
  • White glue
  • Tape

Directions for Paper Cup Snowman

Cut two pieces of white two inches by three and half inches. Glue onto the sides of the cup. Cut two button size pieces out of black paper glue on one side of the cup.

We bought our pom-pom from the store. Here are directions for making a pom-pom if you don’t have a store bought one that is large enough.

Cut a one by six inch piece of cardboard. Place a long piece of white yarn along the cardboard. Well you could use another color of yarn, but then you would have dirty snow.

Wrap yarn around the cardboard and piece of string. Continue wrapping until the cardboard is full. Cut the yarn. Now pull the ends of the yarn that is in the center tight. At the same time slide the yarn off the cardboard. You should have a ball of yarn that is tied in the center. Cut the outside loops. Fluff the pom-pom.

Glue your white pom-pom on the bottom of the cup.
With a hole punch, punch five black holes out of black paper.

Cut a corner of the orange paper and roll it into a pointy triangular like shape. Tape the end. This will be your carrot nose.

Arrange your black circles and nose shape into a face. I used two black dots for the eyes and three for the mouth.

If you are going to use it as place settings write the name of your guest on the bottom of the snowman.  Place on the table where you want your guest to sit.

Now that your paper cup snowman is done grab a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

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