3D Paper Plate Christmas tree

Do your kids want a decoration for their room? Here is paper plate Christmas tree that can sit on their desk during the holiday season.

What is fun about this project is that your child can personalize it any way he wants. First you could color the tree or use paint. You can also decorate your tree in different ways.

3d Paper Plate Christmas Tree

What is really neat about this Christmas tree is that it can stand on its own.

Here are the supplies that you will need;

  • Two paper plates,
  • Green crayon
  • Sequins or other decorations
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • One inch piece of paper towel roll (optional)

How to Make a Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Fold a piece of paper in half. Draw half of a tree shape on the paper. This will make your tree symmetrical. Cut on your lines.

Use your pattern to cut out the tree from your paper plates. Fold your paper plate in half. Leave your pattern folded and place on the fold. Cut around your pattern. Don’t cut on the folded edge. Unfold your paper plate you should see a Christmas tree, or at least a white one. Do the same with the other paper plate.

Color your tree with the crayon. I used the sides of the crayon. Color both sides of the paper plates. Or you could use paint.

Now decorate your plate. I glued on sequins in a random pattern. You could use stickers, hole punched colored paper, or draw decorations with a crayon. (We decorate our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving in preparation for Advent. Advent is on the fourth Sunday before Christmas).

Take one of your plates and cut from the top to the center on your fold.

Do the same with the other plate but cut from the bottom to the center.
Slip the two plates together. You will have a 3D Christmas tree shape.

(Let’s sing “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree….”)

To have the plate stand cut off some of the bottom edge so it is more square instead of rounded. You may need to tape the bottom edges so that they stay in position.

An optional step is to make a tree stand out of an empty paper towel roll. You will need about an inch of the towel roll. I used a paper towel roll instead of a toilet paper roll because it is not as wide. Cut four slits on one side of the roll. Space the slits so that each side of the Christmas tree will fit into a slit. Place your tree on the tree stand.

Your paper plate Christmas tree can now decorate your holiday table. (You could also wrap small cardboard boxes in Christmas paper. Then put around your 3D paper plate Christmas tree.)

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