A fun to Make Paper Plate Snowman

We like making paper plate snowman crafts. All you really need to do is stack two plates together so that you have a head and a body. Then add facial features and maybe a hat and buttons.

snowflake snowman

For this project I wanted to try something a little different. So I thought that having a snowflake in the center of the body would look cool.

To make a paper plate snowman you will need two paper plates, scissor, glue, and buttons.

A snowflake has six sides and is symmetrical.

How to Make a Paper Plate Snowman

The hard part with making a snowflake in a paper plate is cutting the folded cardboard. I found a way to make it a little easier.

Fold the plate in half. I like to mark my center so I know where to fold the sides to. If you just make a mark at the fold and one on the edge of the rim it should be enough.  You don’t need to draw the line from fold to edge of the plate.

Next fold the right outside edge to the center mark on the bottom of the plate. Fold the left side behind the right. You should have a cone shape.
Now unfold so that the plate is folded in half. Cut triangles out along the fold.
Next open so the plate so that is whole. Then fold along another uncut line. Cut out more triangles. You will have one more fold to cut on.

Now unfold and cut on the last fold. You should have a snowflake with six sides.

(Looks like it is going to be a white Christmas after all!)

Cut the rim off another plate. You will want the center piece and a small piece of the rim.

Glue the circle onto the snowflake piece. This will be the head of the snowman.
Cut a piece of the rim that will fit on the top of the head for a hat. With a crayon color your hat. Glue to the top of the head.  The hat reminds me of a sailor hat. If you want a more traditional top hat or stocking cap cut shapes from construction paper.

Glue buttons on for facial features. If you don’t have buttons you could cut shapes from construction paper and glue on. Or you could use a marker or crayon and color your face.

“Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul…..”

This paper plate snowman looks great against a dark blue or black background. Place more paper snowflakes for a white Christmas scene.

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