Pipe Cleaner Snowman Decoration

Can you really make a pipe cleaner snowman? Well he turned out really cute. He reminds me of the snowman in Frozen.

He would look nice hanging on a Christmas tree.

pipe cleaner snowman

Another idea I had was to place him on some of my Christmas packages as a keepsake decoration.


For this craft you will need three pipe cleaners and six small pony beads. I used two orange beads for the nose and bluish black beads for the eyes and buttons. 

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Snowman

Bend one of your pipe cleaners in a circle.  I found that if I laid the pipe cleaner on a flat surface that it was easier to bend it into a circle. Continue going around until you reach the other end. Twist another pipe cleaner onto the end of the one you just made into a circle. Continue folding the pipe cleaner around until you have a fat circle.

Thread two orange beads on one end of a third pipe cleaner. Fold the end over the beads so that the beads won’t fall off. Fold the pipe cleaner into another circle. Near the top of the circle place two small beads for eyes. Twist the end to the bigger circle.

I had problems with my bottom circle not staying together. So I attached a small piece of pipe cleaner over several layers of the circle. I also placed three beads on the pipe cleaner. Now the snowman has buttons.

So that you can hang the ornament tie a piece of string to the top of the head.  Now you can place your ornament on the Christmas tree or tie it to a ribbon on a package.

To personalize each of your snowmen you could make different accessories for them. You could make a hat out of pony beads and attaching it to the head. You could also make a string of bead and attaching it to the neck for a scarf.

There are a lot of snowmen in many different Christmas movies; let me see…. there is “Frosty the Snowman” and “The Snowman”. Also in the movie “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” a snowman tells the story.

The pipe cleaner snowman will be able to see a summer. If you are careful with him he will be able to see several Christmas’ to come.

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