Easy Snowman Christmas Crafts

Your child will enjoy doing snowman Christmas crafts this season. It makes a great winter scene.
I have always liked the jolly round fellows. They are cute sitting on a fireplace mantle, kitchen table, or a Christmas tree. They would even look nice decorating a special gift this holiday season.

snowman crafts

Kids especially like making snowmen. When it snows that is the first thing my kids like to make. But it doesn’t snow here often so we have to be content with making our creations in the house. We then can dream about snowy days and the fun we can have outside.

So turn on some music like Frosty the Snowman, or Let it Snow to set the mood. Then gather your supplies (you won’t need a lot) and come craft with us.

Snowman Christmas Crafts

Here is some Christmas crafts that we would like to share with you. Some of the activities are appropriate for preschoolers. Others are for older children. Be sure to click on the pictures to find the complete directions.

I thought that having a snowflake in the center of a snowman would look cool. He looks nice against a blue background.  A young child might have some trouble making the snowflake, but everything else should be easy to put together.

This guy sparkles just like snow. With some easy to find supplies you can have a unique snowman to decorate your table.

Here is a winter sensory project that kids will enjoy doing. A preschooler would have lots of fun making this project. This would look great to decorating a bulletin board. Have your children make some snowflakes to long with your winter scene.

This one reminds me of the snowman in Frozen. This is a craft for an older child. Have your child make some to decorate the tree. Another idea is to use it to decorate packages.

If you are having a dinner party this winter you could make a snowman for each guest. Write the name near the bottom of the snowman. Put one at each place setting for a party favor.

Even if you don’t have snow this year your kids can have fun making snowman Christmas crafts. They make a cute winter scene for your house. You can even leave them out through January. They won’t melt.

Here is a melting snowman that your kids can make. It is easy enough for a preschooler to do.

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