Salty the Snowman Craft

We call this snowman craft salty because of the salt that we use in the project. This is a messy craft so be sure to cover your crafting table with newspaper.

cotton ball snowman

This is like making snowballs. They say that the best time to make a snowman is the next afternoon after a snowfall when it is warmer. This makes the snow wetter so that it easier to compact. But with this snowman you could make him anytime.

What you need;

  • A paper plate
  • Cotton balls (I used eight)
  • White glue
  • Salt
  • Two flat toothpicks
  • Pieces of black and orange paper

Snowman Craft Directions

Pour some glue on the paper plate. In a container add salt. Dab your cotton balls (one at a time) in the glue so that they are covered. They might want to come apart a little bit but don’t worry too much about it yet. Before the glue is dry, cover the cotton ball with salt. Then roll them back into a ball.

Now that you have your snowballs, it’s time to make the snowman. Take five of your cotton balls and stick them together to make one big snowball. (You are going to want to keep it on the paper plate so that it doesn’t make a mess.) Glue the balls together so that it won’t fall apart.

Take two more of your cotton balls and place them together on top of the larger snowball and glue. Take your last cotton ball and glue it on top making sure that it is round like a ball.

Before the glue dries on your snowman, place two flat toothpicks  between the center cotton ball and the large bottom one. You might need to add a little bit more glue to keep the toothpicks in place.

To finish the snowman, take a hole punch and punch out five pieces of black and one piece of orange. Make a face on your snowman and glue on.

When I made my snowman I didn’t want to take him off the paper plate, as it would make a mess. I did have leftover glue and salt. So, I thought that it would make a nice looking snow landscape around the snowman. So I poured extra glue all over the plate and sprinkled salt all over it. Your snowman is now done!

(Who knows maybe at the strike of twelve your snowman will come to life. Like in the famous children’s book ‘The Snowman’).

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