UFO Craft for Kids Bringing Friendly Aliens

It’s a UFO craft for kids! Don't be alarmed. This thing is harmless and brings friendly beings.

This is an easy paper plate craft.

incoming UFO

Supplies to gather;

  • Two paper plates
  • Tissue paper
  • Flash tape (you can find this in the gardening section of your store)
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick
  • Beans (optional)

Directions to Make a UFO Craft for Kids

staple plates together

If you are using beans, place some on your plate. Top with another plate and staple the edges together. Try not to flatten the plates.

glue tissue

Glue tissue paper on your plate.

glue more tissue on the other side

We used white for the rim and blue and yellow for the bottom and top of the plate.

add flash tape

Cut small pieces of flash tape and round the corners. (When the sun hits the flash tape it will look like flashing lights). Make a pattern of silver and red and glue them around the rims of the plates.

or use foil

If you can’t find the flash tape you could use small strips of aluminum foil instead.

If you added the beans you have a noisy UFO, but don’t fly the craft as the beans might hurt someone.

Some Interesting Facts

UFO stands for unidentified flying object. The United States Air Force developed the term in 1953. In the 1940 through the 1950 people called them flying saucers.

Most of the sightings can be explained as aircraft, balloons, clouds, or metros. Some are even hoaxes.  

Flying saucers are in Sci-Fi movies and television shows. The USS Enterprise in Star Trek is an example.

Not all the spacecraft in fiction has friendly beings. Many deal with hostile aliens invading earth. 

In West Windsor, New Jersey there is a monument called “The Martian Landing Site”. This is supposed to be one of the first Martian landing sites. It was made after of the 1938 radio broadcast of the “War of the Worlds” in which many people thought that it was really happening.

The United States Air Force created Project Blue Book for the study of UFO related data. The Air Force wanted to see if UFOs were a threat to national security. They also wanted to scientifically analyze the data.

NASA has also tried to make something like a flying saucer called LDSD. It was for sending men to Mars. They made and tested the LDSD  in June 2014. The test vehicle did fly although the parachute failed to deploy properly.

You can make a man from Mars to along with your UFO crafts for kids.


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