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Kids Crafts Club, Issue #001 -- Paper Plate Ideas
June 15, 2016

Kids Craft Club

Paper Plates - More than Holding Food

June 2016

School is out for the summer. Crafts are a great way to stop kids from being bored. If you keep colored paper, scissors, glue, and maybe some paint your kids will find plenty to do.

Upcoming event – For those in the United States we will be celebrating Independence Day so start gathering red, white, and blue crafting supplies. You can visit our 4 th of July Crafts to see what we used.

Paper Plate Ideas

Here is how we use paper plates! There are over ten crafts listed below. The thin cheap paper plates are the best for crafting because they are easy to cut and you can fold them if you need too.

From a paper plate your kids can make a bird, dinosaur, sun catcher, mask, UFO and other interesting things.

Make birds

a parrot

a blue bird

Make a dinosaur

a long neck

an ankylosaur

Make Animals

a lion

a bear

Other Paper Plate Crafts

a starfish

a sun catcher


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Until next time, I hope your kids have fun creating! Let your friends know about our crafts – share on your favorite social media or forward the e-mail.

Karen and Grace

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