Paper Plate Lion

the Happy Cat

by Karen & Grace Morris

There is nothing scary about this paper plate lion! He is happy to be your friend. Lions are actually friendly to other lions. They like to lie near each other. They also purr like a house cat when they are happy.

paper plate lion

To make this craft you will need to gather;

  • Yarn you will want brown for the ears, nose, and mouth,
  • green yarn for the eyes
  •  yellow or another color yarn for the mane.
  • Glue
  • Paper plate

Directions for the Paper Plate Lion

To make the happy lion place the plate so that it faces the table. It now is upside down.

Cut several pieces of yellow yarn to fit the rim of the plate. You will need about thirty-eight pieces (wow this lion has a lot of hair!). Glue the yarn around the plate curing the ends. We made a rare white lion using white and gold yarn. Let your kids use their imagination for yarn colors.

In real life lions can have different colored manes, although they are usually a brown color.

For the ears cut two pieces brown yarn thirty inches long. Roll the yarn in a circle. (It may look like a lot of yarn, but once you roll it up it isn’t that big.)

Glue the ear on the plate.

(Lions have good hearing. They can move their ears in different directions to listen to sounds. They can hear noises a mile away.)

Use twelve inches of brown for the nose. Make a circle and glue it to the plate.

For the mouth cut two pieces of yarn. Glue one piece from the nose. No need to make your lion frown, make the other piece of yarn into a happy face!

(Every seen a cat make a funny face? He is really seeing if there is anything worth eating.)

Use two pieces green yarn for the eyes. Cut each piece twelve inches long. Fold over about one-fourth of an inch. Then roll the yarn into an oval shape. Glue eyes to the plate.

(In real life lions have large orangery brown eyes. They also have large pupils. It has a second eyelid just like your house cat. There is also a patch of white fur under each eye that helps the lion reflect light so that it can see better at night.)

Hang your paper plate lion to the wall with a push-pin. The king of the jungle is complete!

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