Tissue Paper Blue Bird Craft

by Karen & Grace Morris

This blue bird craft is cute! He was also a lot of fun to make. So, find some tissue and a paper plate and get crafting.

blue bird craft

Bluebirds are one of my favorite birds. Besides being blue on top they have an orange breast. The birds are in the thrush family. The American Robin is also in the thrush family.

There are three varieties of the bluebirds, eastern, western, and mountain. The eastern species has orange on its throat while the western species does not. The Mountain species is completely blue.

The birds are useful for gardeners. They eat a lot of insects.

When reading about them in Wikipedia I found out that songwriters have used the bird as a symbol of happiness.  The bluebird is the state bird of Idaho, Nevada, New York, and Missouri.

 Making a Blue Bird Craft

You will need;

  • Strips of blue tissue paper,
  • Glue stick,
  • Yellow or orange construction paper
  • Paper plate
cut tissue paper

Cut the strips of blue tissue paper in different sizes. The width can be the same but you do need different lengths.

glue tissue to plate

Have your child glue strips of tissue paper on a paper plate. It looks better if you place the pieces in random order. Don’t just line them up. You want the plate to be blue.

 When gluing tissue paper I like to use glue sticks. I place some glue on the paper plate then add the tissue. It seems not to make as much mess.

fold paper plate

Fold over 2 1/2 inches of the plate to the back. It will make a stand for the bird.

head, body, leg pieces

Cut two circles 2 inches (I used the top of a 3 ounce paper cup) for the bird’s head and body.

Also cut out two small rectangles about 3 inches long by 1/2 inch wide On one end of each rectangle cut two slits to make three bird toes on each foot.

blue feathers yellow birdMade with Yellow Paper

Fold a small piece of construction paper in half. Cut out a triangle for the beak.

With a marker draw two eyes.

(Per Wikipedia the Eastern bluebird only migrates if there is a lack of winter food.)

I hope that this tissue paper blue bird craft has brightened your day. If you have never seen a bluebird is be sure to look up what it looks like. It is a very pretty bird.

Here is a quote about a bluebird;

"The birds can fly, an' why can't I?
Must we give in," says he with a grin,
"That the bluebird an' phœbe are smarter 'n we be?"
John Townsend Trowbridge, Darius Green and his Flying Machine.

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