Easy 12 Disciples Bible Crafts

by Karen & Grace Morris

The 12 disciples Bible Crafts will help your Sunday school class remember the men chosen by Jesus. The crafts are easy enough for preschoolers, but older students will enjoy making them. Your students will have fun making the men and a boat to store them in.

One day Jesus was walking along the sea of Galilee. He invited Simon Peter and Andrew to follow Him. He also saw James and John in a boat. Jesus asked them to come. The account can be found in Matthew 4:18-22. Later, Matthew, a tax collector, is called. (Matthew 9:9) The complete list of the twelve men is in Matthew 10:1-4. 

You will need;

  • 12 large craft sticks 
  • Markers and or crayons
  • PDF of names
  • Glue stick
color the craft sticks

On one end of each craft stick, draw a face with markers. Just below the face color, the craft stick if you want.

using colored craft sticks

If you are using colored craft sticks, color a circle at one end with a white crayon. Use a black or brown crayon to add hair and a beard. With a fine point marker, add eyes and a mouth.

download and print the PDF

Download and print the PDF with the names. You can either color the page before you cut the names out, or cut and then color.

glue the names on the craft sticks

Have the children glue the names to the craft sticks. If you color after gluing, use a glue stick and not liquid glue, then the paper does not rip.

The 12 Disciples Bible Crafts, Who Were They?

In the Bible, we don't know much about the disciples before they followed Jesus. We know very little about Philip, Bartholomew, Thaddaeus, James son of  Alphaeus, and Simon the Zealot.

You will need;

glue the fish to the 4 fishermen

On the PDF, there are four fish. Glue the fish to the backs of Peter, Andrew, James, and John. 

glue the bag on Matthew

Glue the bag on the back of Matthew.

glue the heart to the back of John

John was called the disciple that Jesus loved. Glue the heart on him. You can find the term the disciple that Jesus loved in the Gospel of John. (John 19:6, John 21:7)

glue the coins on Judas

 Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

glue the question mark to Thomas

Glue the question mark to the back of Thomas because he needed to see the marks on Jesus before he would believe that Jesus was raised from the dead. (John 20:25)

12 Disciples Bible Crafts – A Boat 

Besides walking along the road with Jesus, the disciples spent time with Him in a boat going across the Sea of Galilee.


  • Blue construction paper
  • Paper plate
  • Brown crayon or paint
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • The finished craft sticks
paint half of a paper plate brown

Cut the paper plate in half. Either color or paint the plate brown.

staple the plate to the background

Place the plate half on the blue paper. Staple around the rim. You want enough so that the craft sticks don't fall out of the bottom. 

add the craft sticks to the paper plate

Add the twelve disciples to the boat.

Use the 12 disciples Bible crafts anytime a disciple is in a Bible story.

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