Yarn Crafts for Kids -
Exciting News You Don't Need to Know How to Knit!

by Karen & Grace Morris

Don't knit or Crochet? Don't worry. These yarn crafts for kids are simple to do. Make pompoms or do easy weaving projects. And if making your own pompoms is too difficult there are some crafts that use store bought ones.

Click the pictures to make yarn crafts for kids.

String isn't
just for the cute,
adorable kittens
to play with.
No, you can make
something out of it too.
Have fun
your children learn to
or make pompoms.

yarn crafts for kids easy to make projects

Don't Get Tied Up Bookmark

Knot some yarn and make a bookmark!

knotted yarn bookmark

You will need;

  • Three different colors of yarn
  • Small elastic ponytail holder
  • Large button
  • Needle
  • Craft thread

Wrap the yarn around your book six times. Fold each color in half.

add yarn to ponytail holder

Place a loop in the center of the ponytail holder so that it is at the bottom. Fold the loop over the holder and grab the cut ends of the yarn. Pull the ends through the loop so that it makes a knot. Do the same with the other two piece of yarn.

You will have six strands of yarn, two of each color.
The strands of yarn are numbered from left to right. In the picture, the dark blue is number one and two and the light blue is number five and six.

make first knot

Step 1 Bring strand one under strand two and through the loop. Then over strand two and through the loop.

tie strand 6 and 5

Step 2 Bring yarn six over strand five and through the loop. Then under strand five and through the loop.

knot strands 2 and 4

Step 3 Bring strand four over strand two and through the loop. Then under strand two and through the loop.

knot strand 3 and 5

Step 4 Bring strand three under strand five and through the loop and over yarn five and through the loop.

continue knotting until it is the right length

Continue knotting until the bookmark is the desired length. Cut off excess yarn.

sew on the button

Cut a small piece of craft string and thread through a needle that will go through the hole of the button.
Sew the button on.

knot the string

Tie the string two or three times in the back to make a knot and secure the button.

More Yarn Crafts for Kids

To make pompoms you will need something to wrap the yarn around. It can be small or large. Then wrap around and around. Out comes a cute creature. Well, you can use the store bought pompoms. They will also make cute items.

My paper plate has a hole and my doll is cold. Look here is the solution. Let's fill the hole by weaving and make a baby blanket too.

How People Use Yarn

Why are there so many ways to use yarn? Because a lot of people can't go past the yarn aisle. They just have to do something with the soft and fuzzy bundle they bought. So they.....

  • Make things with macrame or knotting using your fingers
  • make pompoms
  • make dolls
  • make ornaments using glue and yarn
  • make blankets or afghans
  • weave using a loom
  • make jewelry
  • make hair accessories

Some do more advanced projects like:

  • knit using two needles
  • crochet using a hook
  • knit on a loom
  • make sweaters
  • make gloves
  • make hats
  • Make baskets
  • make dishtowels and other kitchen items

String isn't just for the cute, adorable kittens to play with. No, you can make something out of it too. Something big, something small. Maybe a monster or a little bunny cottontail. You didn't need to learn how to use a hook or a needle. All you needed to make these yarn crafts for kids were your hands and one other thing or two. It wasn't too hard and was a lot of fun. You probably want to make some more - ahem - I mean the kids do. Well as long as you're both having a great time, let's try it with a different type of yarn.

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