Animal Crafts for Kids
Can Spark Imagination

by Karen & Grace Morris

Most of the unique animal crafts for kids can be used in their imaginary play. But they will find creating them equally fun. Plus, the projects use easy to find household and craft supplies.

Click the pictures to find different animal crafts for kids to do.

So let's pretend. Give the dinosaur some leaves, the cat a home. Quick, get some play dough and sticks and let's make a fence. No escaping, just fun at its best.

Dogs, cats, birds, wild creatures, and dinosaurs too.

What do we want to make first?

animal crafts for kids

A Zoo Full of Animal Crafts for Kids

The kids want to make something fun. Maybe a doggy or an T. rex for their play. 

Domesticated Animal Crafts for Kids

Now here are some nice critters that need a home. Make a dog, cat, or maybe a horse.

Woof! Some are hairy, some are long, and some are just a dog. They won't bark or bite, they are here to be created and be your friend for life. Lots of dog crafts for you to enjoy.

They are wide-eyed and cute, furry and easy to do. Cats and kittens with their long-lost mittens. Your kids will be meowing to get started. Let's make some cat crafts.

There is no need to do chores with these farm animal crafts for kids. (Hip-hip hooray!)  Children love to play farmer Joe. Pretend to milk the cow or check for chicken eggs.

Wild Beasts

Some critters are wild breast. Some have claws and even teeth. They might roar or growl, but the crafts won't bite. Come and make your own little safari. Create lions, tigers, bears, birds, and other animal crafts for kids that love to roam free.

You know that saying about the early bird gets the worm? Well, the night-owl gets the…. Well they must get something, consider the phrase "wise old owl". But you will find something to do tonight or today, like learn how to make a graduation owl or a stuff one.

A home on a back, I wonder how much he has packed. He swims in the sea and then comes back to me. Build a friend, maybe two, build a whole group of little turtles. Make them out of beads, pipe cleaners, and paper plates.

Now we can make a fine feathered friend, like exotic parrots or maybe a common bird will do. These friends won't fly away, as they are here to stay.

Individual bird crafts are below.

Mama, Papa, Baby Bear. Cute and cuddly, just wants some honey. You will find little bears, big bears, and teddy bears to create.

Look at their long, long manes. They are royal, elegant, and mighty like a king. A king over the grassy savanna, a jungle nearby. Have this magnificent creature come from the wilderness into your grand home. Make them out of toilet paper rolls or with a lot of yarn. Make some lion crafts.

You can also use a cardboard roll to make a lion or use paper plates.

A long time a go, in a land far away…. there were large reptiles called dinosaurs. So let's recreate an ankylosaur, a triceratops, or an ancient bird or two. Dinosaur crafts for you.

Individual dinosaur crafts.

Black and orange strips. Bubbly and bouncy. Tiger puppet shows and tiger masks. It all sounds fun, when can we roar? When can we make tigers?

A creature made from cloth, sticks, or strings. An elephant, a girl, and a lion all with a story to tell. But what kind of story will they tell? Let's make some puppets and find out.

Creating animal crafts for kids can spark interest in learning more about the beasts they are creating.