Bible Crafts for Kids
Learn by Doing

by Karen & Grace Morris

Bible crafts for kids are great for learning. Use them for teaching Sunday school, VBS, or while homeschooling. Each project comes with facts and where to find the story in the Bible. Oh, and by the way, the activities are quick and easy.

The pictures will take you to fun and informative Bible crafts for kids.

Old Testament 

Was it Moses or Samson with the long hair? Your child will soon find out. All you have to do is read the story in the Bible, then do the crafts. Soon your kids will know about the great leaders and events.

New Testament

Children's Church

Christian Holidays

about the people
and events in
the Bible
is fun!

Remember the Story with Bible Crafts for Kids

What will they learn from the Bible crafts for kids they are creating today? Let's get out the Bible and read the Scriptures behind each craft. 

Old Testament Stories

God created the heavens and earth. Kids can make crafts to represent each day of creation, or they can do an overview book.

God created man and placed him in a garden. Kids can make crafts for the story of Adam and Eve.

One day, God told Noah to make an ark. Preschoolers can have fun making crafts to go along with the story. 

Kids can make crafts for Abraham leaving his country.

Sodom and Gomorrah Bible crafts

Sarah is promised a baby and Isaac is born. 

Here are some crafts to go along with Joseph in Egypt. 

Kids will have fun making a talking donkey after hearing the story of Balaam.

A mother places a baby in a boat in a river and hopes for the best. This baby Moses craft is easy enough for preschoolers to make.

From a basket, to crossing the parted Red Sea, to when God gave him the Ten Commandments to read. Have the kids make crafts to remember the Moses story.

In Exodus 16 we read that God provided bread from heaven and quail for the people to eat. Your Bible class will have fun making the manna from heaven crafts.

A big, strong dude. What couldn't he do? A girl named Delilah was she friend or foe? Read the passage about Samson and have your kids make the Bible crafts for kids to find out.

Here is another story from the book of Judges. Read about Gideon and then do the Bible crafts.

The spies from the 12 tribes of Israel, what did they see? Something large and something good to eat. Fun things to make, so you will remember the story of the 12 spies.

David had an interesting life. He was a shepherd who became king of Israel. Make crafts to represent the milestones in his life.

David also wrote most of the Psalms. Here are several crafts for Psalm 51 about creating a clean heart.

Abigail bring food to David. Also, the donkey could be used for other Bible stories.

No need to go overboard buying supplies. The Jonah crafts are easy to make.

Following God is not easy. Learn about Daniel, then do the crafts. 

Learn about Elijah. Then do some craft that represent his life.

Elisha was also a prophet of God. He helped a widow pay a debt, made an ax to float, healed a king, someone also made a special room for him.

Joseph had a coat of many colors, but we didn't stop at making just one. There are 7 unique crafts for your kids to make.

Jacob dreamed about a ladder with angels that were ascending and descending on it. Here is a craft to go along with the Bible verse.

Studying the Book of Esther? Here are some crafts to go with the story.

A little maid told her master that he could be healed. Here is a craft to go along with the Bible story.

Crafts for the story of Samuel. Hannah prays for a baby, the Lord speaks to Samuel, and David is anointed.

King Josiah was 8 when he became king. He walked in the ways of the Lord. Here are some crafts about him.

Make Isaiah crafts during the advent season or any time your Sunday school class is learning about this prophet.

Holiday Bible Crafts for Kids

Easter is an important holiday for Christians. Kids can make a palm leaf, different crosses, and empty tombs. The Easter projects can be made at home or church.

With crafts for Palm Sunday, kids can make palm branches, the road to Jerusalem covered in garments and leaves, and Jesus on a donkey. 

Celebrate February 14 or learn about some love verses with these Valentine crafts.

Make an empty tomb card to send to your friends.

These crafts would be great for a fall harvest festival or a Christian Halloween party. 

The thanksgiving Bible crafts are great for autumn or any time that you are teaching about giving thanks. There are some Bible verses that go with the crafts.

Christmas is a fun time. Your kids can make Christian Ornaments for the tree.

New Testament Stories

Jesus told Simon and Andrew that he would make them fishers of men. Here are some Bible crafts for kids to help your kids remember the verse.

Kids can learn the names of the 12 disciples with this craft.

Jesus told a lot of parables. Here are six crafts to go with the stories He told.

Here are crafts to go with the prodigal son story.

Jesus also healed people when He was on earth. The crafts will go with Luke 7:22.

A lame man is healed. Here are two crafts to make.

Jesus also healed ten lepers. Here is a craft to go with the story.

Jesus heals a blind man.

Also, the deaf hear after going to Jesus.

We read in John ten that Jesus is the good shepherd. Here is a craft to go along with your lesson.

In Acts 9:36-42, we read about a woman who did nice things for widows. Here are some crafts to remember her by.

In Acts 16:11-15 we read about Lydia who sold purple items. Most of these crafts are quick and easy enough for Sunday school.

Make a shamrock to teach kids about the trinity.

Make an hourglass to remind kids to make time for Jesus.

The disciples were in a boat when a storm came up. Jesus calmed the storm. Use this craft to help your class remember the story.

Jesus told his disciples to go to all nations. This is sometimes referred to as the great commission. 

James 3 would be a good chapter to read and discuss with your Sunday school class before you make the taming the tongue Bible craft.

Crafts to go with the last supper.

The Bible talks a lot about love. Here are some craft to remind us that God is love.

Crafts for Children's Church

These spring crafts have a biblical theme. 

Fall crafts for Bible verses.

Bible crafts for winter.

So many interesting stories and facts to remember. Bible crafts for kids are a fun way children can learn by doing.

Bible Crafts You Can Download 

Each of the PDF are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.