Bible Crafts for Kids
Learn by Doing

Bible crafts for kids are great for learning. Use them for teaching Sunday school, VBS, or while homeschooling. Each project comes with facts and where to find the story in the Bible. Oh, and by the way the activities are quick and easy.
Was it Moses or Samson with the long hair? Your child will soon find out. All you have to do is read the story in the Bible then do the crafts. Soon your kids will know about the great leaders and events.

about the people
and events in
the Bible
is fun!

Bible crafts for kids

But first before we learn the stories why don't we learn something about the book called the Bible? Although if you are in a hurry you can scroll down and find the Bible crafts for kids about the people and events.

Memorization Scroll

Memorizing Scripture can be fun! Let's write a verse on some old looking paper then put it in a pot. You can tell your children about the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scrolls were found by Bedouin shepherds and archaeologists (according to Wikipedia). But unlike the scrolls in the caves of Qumran, your child will want to look at their scroll every day. So they can remember the verses.

Bible scroll

You will need;
For Scroll

  • Brown paper lunch bag
  • Pens, markers, or pencils
  • Tape
  • 2 Plastic straws

For Container;

  • Small cardboard roll
  • White glue
  • Eye dropper
  • Water
  • Yellow and red food coloring
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper plate
write a message

Wad the paper lunch bag up and rip the sides so that it looks old.

Write a message on your lunch bag. A great idea is to write down a memory verse. Leave a top and bottom border.

draw a picture

Younger children can draw a picture. Maybe something from a Bible story.

add straw handles

Tape the top and bottom on one side of the lunch bag to a straw. Cut the straw so that it measures about 6 ¾ inches. It will fit better in the pot after you cut it.
Do the same to the other straw.

roll to center

Roll the top and bottom to the center. You will be able to unroll it anytime you like. However, when you're ready to put it back in its pot below, remember to roll it back up.

To make the earthenware pot;

The glue paint will look shiny like glaze that is used on pottery. The picture shows the difference. The first container is painted with the glue the second one is painted with washable paint.

make paint

So put some white glue on a paper plate. Add about 18 drops of water using the eye dropper, so that the glue is thin like paint. Add 2 drops of red food coloring and 3 drops of yellow to the glue to turn it orange.

mix the paint

Mix the food coloring and water in the glue.

paint the container

With a paintbrush paint the glue on the cardboard roll. Let dry on a paper plate. To make it darker you can paint a second coat.

let the paint dry

When the pot is drying, some of the glue should roll down the cardboard roll and onto the paper plate.

cut off the paper plate

After it dries, don't remove the cardboard roll from the paper plate. Instead, cut around the cardboard roll so that a piece of the paper plate covers one of the openings.

put the scroll in the container

Put your scroll inside the pot.

 Books of the Bible

The Protestant Bible has 66 books, the Old Testament has 39 books and the New Testament has 27 books. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus.... How can the kids remember them all! Without looking at the table of contents in the front of the book and text so small, how is it possible?

Here's something with lager text. Soon the kids will remember all the names of the books.

books of the Bible


  • Foam letters
  • White or colored paper
  • Stapler
use foam letters to make a title

Take two pieces of paper and fold them in half and make a book.

On the outside with foam letters write “Books of the Bible”. This will be the cover.

Note: whenever you write, you will use foam letters.

Old Testament books

On the first page write “Old Testament”. Under it start writing the first 12 books.

Note: instead of writing the full names of the Bible, you can write the book's abbreviations.

On the second page, write the next 9 books.

last books of Old Testament first books of New Testament

On the third page write the last books of the Old Testament.

On the fourth page write “New Testament”. Then print the first 7 books.

finish writing the books of the Bible

On the fifth page write the next 10 books of the New Testament.

On the sixth page write the names of the last books.

Staple the pages together on the fold.

Remember the Story with Bible Crafts for Kids

What will they learn from the Bible crafts for kids they are creating today? Let's get out the Bible and read the Scriptures behind each craft. To find more activities to do click a picture.

From a basket, to crossing the parted Red Sea, to when God gave him the Ten Commandments to read. Have the kids make these things to remember the story.

A big strong dude. What couldn't he do? A girl named Deborah was she friend or foe? Read the passage and have your kids make the crafts to find out.

The spies from the 12 tribes of Israel, what did they see? Something large and something good to eat.

So many interesting stories and facts to remember. Bible crafts for kids are a fun way children can learn by doing.

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