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Cute Christian Jack-O-Lantern Craft

Kids will have fun making this Christian Jack-O-Lantern craft. It is a good reminder of what life was like before Jesus and how their light now shines for Him.

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Books of the Bible Crafts Learn their Names

The books of the Bible crafts provide a fun way to memorize the names. The printable is quick to make or use foam letters to learn the abbreviations.

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Bible Scroll Craft Kids Can Make

This easy Bible scroll craft comes with a jar holder. It uses easy to find materials such as a paper bag, cardboard tube, and paint.

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Elisha Bible Crafts Acts of a Prophet

The easy Elisha Bible crafts include the jars filled with oil, a room for the prophet, a floating ax, and the healing of Naaman.

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Elijah Bible Crafts the Life of a Prophet

The Elijah Bible Crafts include being fed by the ravens, the widow making bread, the prophets of Baal, and the fiery chariot. Great activities for Sunday School.

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Manna from Heaven Bible Crafts God Gives Food

The manna from heaven Bible crafts shows how God provided for the Hebrews in the desert. Make a basket or picture. Quail crafts are also included.

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6 Lion Crafts for Kids

Use yarn, coffee filters, craft sticks, paint, or recycled materials to make cute lion crafts for kids. Most are easy enough for preschoolers.

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