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King Josiah Bible Crafts a Boy Who Loved God's Word

The King Josiah Bible crafts are easy enough for preschoolers. Make a doll from a tube, or make a banner to show what he believed in.

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16 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids

The farm animal crafts for kids are simple to make. Use paper plates, lunch sized bags, or paper cups to make these cut animals. Also a downloadable PDF.

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12 Disciples Bible Crafts Easy to Make

The12 disciples Bible crafts will help your child remember their names. Use craft sticks to make the men. Then store them in a paper plate boat.

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Jesus Heals Crafts for Sunday School

Jesus heals crafts are for the Bible verse Mark 1:29-42. Kids will have fun making band aids, a thermometer, and a puppet.

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Jesus Heals a Blind Man Craft

The blind man craft will help kids remember two of the men that Jesus healed. Make paper glasses for Bartimaeus or clay for the story in John 9.

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Jesus Heals a Deaf Man Craft

Jesus heals a deaf man craft is for the story in Mark 7:31-37. Make paper hands to represent Jesus touching a man's ears. Or kids can make paper earmuffs.

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Easy Noah's Ark Preschool Craft

Noah's ark preschool craft includes the boat, animals, flood, and rainbow. Now, staple the pages together to make a booklet so kids can tell the story.

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