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Cut and Paste Paper Crafts for Kids

Fold, cut, dip in some glue. See what you can do with a sheet of colored paper.

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Awesome Owl Crafts for Kids

These owl crafts are quick and easy so you won't have to spend all night creating them. Well, not unless you want too!

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Quick Jonah Crafts for Kids

Jonah and the Whale

Teaching about Jonah and the whale? Your kids will have fun making these crafts. The projects are great for Sunday school or Children's church.

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Easy Clothespin Crafts for Kids

Look what your kids can make with clothespins.

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Download a Craft Supply List for Kids

Supply List

We are making our list and checking for cute crafts that our kids can make.

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Easy Bible Crafts for Dorcas

Here are some crafts to help your kids remember the Bible story.

The crafts would be great for Sunday School.

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Have Fun Making Rainy Day Crafts

When you are stuck inside these fun and easy activities will keep everyone entertained.You might even laugh out loud when your kids create puddle jumping frogs or waddling ducks.

The activities are fun, easy, and not too messy.

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