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Spring Crafts for Children's Church

Celebrate the season with children's church crafts for spring. Learn Bible truths with flowers, butterflies, and other projects.

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Make time for Jesus

Use this make time for Jesus craft in your Sunday school when you are teaching about the importance of reading the Bible and praying.

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Cute Dog Crafts

Find an empty water bottle or paper towel roll, paper and glue. Then have fun making these dog crafts for kids.

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Easy Joseph in Egypt Bible Crafts

Joseph in Egypt Bible crafts will help you teach your Sunday School class. Kids will create crafts to represent the different aspects of his life.

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Trinity Craft

Use this simple trinity craft for kids to teach the complicated concept that God is not one but three persons.

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Easy Letter B Crafts

These upper and lower case letter B preschool crafts are great to use when you are teaching the alphabet. The kids will have fun making bears, butterflies, bees, and other cute items.

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Easy Letter A Crafts

It's great to have several letter A preschool crafts when you are teaching the alphabet. Kids love doing hands-on projects when they are learning.

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