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Mother's Day Gift Idea

Here is an easy dish that your mom would love to get. It is easy to make with easy to find material.

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Christian Easter Crafts

Your kids can tell the Christian story of Easter with these crafts.

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Preschool Easter Crafts

The Easter Bunny brought lots of simple crafts that your preschooler would love to do. Find bunnies, chicks, and crosses to make.

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Bee Crafts for Kids

New easy to make bees for spring and summer time fun. Your home will be buzzing with laughter after your kids make these crafts.

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Easy to Make Paper Plate Crafts

Paper Plate Crafts for kids

Your preschoolers can make animal faces, flowers and other cute things out of paper plates. The activities are great for teaching the use of scissors. The page has been updated with new crafts and step by step directions.

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Easter Egg Crafts for Kids See What You Can Make

Make inexpensive Easter egg crafts for kids using supplies such as plastic eggs. Soon you will have adorable birds, baskets, and other spring decorations.

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Winter Crafts for Kids for a Cool Time

Even if you're warm, winter crafts for kids can bring you snow this year. Think snowflakes, snowmen, and cute penguins.

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