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Fun Winter Crafts for Children's Church

Teach what the Bible says about snow with these easy-to-make winter crafts for children's church.

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DIY Christian Ornament Crafts

Kids will have fun making these Christian ornament crafts in children's church or Sunday school. Some are even easy enough for preschool.

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7 Easy Christmas Wreath Crafts for Kids

Each Christmas wreath, crafts for kids, use easy-to-find materials such as paper, pasta, or pipe cleaners. Some are easy enough for preschoolers to do.

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Easy Ten Lepers Bible Craft

Your Sunday school class will have fun making the ten lepers Bible craft. Perfect for teaching your students to give thanks to God.

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Festive Santa Crafts for Kids

Find 8 different Santa crafts for kids. Kids will have fun using recycled lids or cardboard tubes. So gather some simple supplies like cotton balls, paint, and tissue.

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The Good Shepherd Craft for Kids

There are two versions of the good shepherd craft. One is an easy cut and paste project. Or have the kids add more details. Both are easy for preschoolers.

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Craft Supply List for Kids

A downloadable craft supply list with basic and not so basic materials. Also, so idea on how kids can use the items.

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