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New Santa Crafts Just in Time for Christmas

Updated with new crafts. Now you can make an advent calendar, sun catcher, or...

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David Bible Crafts that Are Easy to Do

From shepherd boy to king these David Bible crafts will help bring meaning to your Sunday school lesson.

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The "Fall Guy"

Create some cute harvest decorations with scarecrow crafts for kids. They won't scare the crows in Farmer's Joe's field, but they will look cute in your houseplants or on the wall.

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Easy Fall Tree Crafts for Kids

Listen you can almost hear autumn calling. Listen to the noise of walking through piles of fallen leaves. Be inspired. Then come in and make some fall tree crafts for kids.

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New Updated Space Crafts for Kids

Explore new worlds with space crafts for kids. Design a spaceship or creatures from outer space.

The page has been updated with more spaceships and aliens.

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Fishers of Men Bible Crafts

Simon and Andrew were fishermen. One day Jesus walked by and said to them "follow me and I will make you fishers of men." Your kids can make nets, fishing poles, and crafts to help them remember the story. The activities would be good for home, Sunday school, or VBS.

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Jump into Cool Preschool Summer Crafts 🌞

When your preschooler is not having fun in the sun he can make these crafts. Make summertime pictures or cool magnets.

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