Winter Crafts for Kids Let's Have Some Cool Fun

by Karen & Grace Morris

No snow outside? Oh well, let's come inside and make winter crafts for kids. From interesting snowflakes to cute penguins there is something fun to make.

In a breeze, you should find some wintry fun. Just click on the pictures below.

Winter is:


Frosty the Snowman

Snowball Fights


Cold Hands Warm Hearts

winter crafts for kids

So let's have a snow party. You can even pretend to have a snowball fight. First, make some snowballs, a crumbled newspaper will work. Then get a box and make a fort. Or is it an igloo?

Because these crafts are so cool you should make some in July or August when it is hot. It doesn't matter if it's 80 or 90, this snow won't melt. When the house is decorated with snowflakes, we can pretend to be cool. 

Celebrate winter with January themed crafts. There are also some holidays items your kids can make.

It's snowing! Or maybe not. If you want to stay warm, here are some snowflakes you can make. Do you know that no two snowflakes are alike? So there is no wrong way to make them. Most of these are made of paper. So have the kids make their white Christmas this year.

Penguins Winter Crafts for Kids

Birds that waddle, swim, slide, but don't fly. Oh, look at the birds, they look like they are wearing tuxedos! Maybe they are dressed up for a New Year's party? Anyway, penguins are funny to watch. Did you know that not all penguins live in Antarctica where it is cold? Some live in warmer places like Australia, Argentina, and South Africa.

A paper plate some black paper and some direction are all we need to make this cute guy.

A penguin stuffed with cotton. Does this mean it is a bird brain? Anyway, use some paper and recycled materials. Then you will have cute winter crafts for kids that will sit on your desk.

Snowmen Winter crafts for kids

Winter wouldn't be complete without making snowmen. Come spring these guys will still be here. So gather some snow, I mean some cotton balls, or paper plates and let's create. You will find tiny snowmen, cute ones, and ones that will calm you down.

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We hope that you are warm and toasty after making winter crafts for kids. It would be  if it fun snowed outside now so that we can go sledding and play in the snow.

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