Copyright Notice for K. G. M. Crafts

by Karen & Grace Morris

The K. G. M. Crafts copyright notice is to protect the information, pictures, and PDFs on this site.

You may use the information to help children make crafts at home and in a classroom setting such as a preschool, school, or church.

No part of K. G. M. Crafts; the information, pictures, or PDFs may be reproduced, distributed, stored, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise.

Which means that you are not to republish the information, pictures, or PDFs on a blog, website, or video. This is considered infringement and will be treated as such.

Churches, Teachers, Bloggers

The crafts on the site are for the people who visit K. G. M. Crafts. 

If we were to allow copying of pages on the site, then there would be no reason for others to visit this site. They have already seen the crafts.

If you copied information from K. G. M. Crafts and placed it on the Internet it would be viewed by Google as duplicate content and they penalize for this.

Teachers and churches can use the information and copy PDFs in limited quantities for their students. You are not allowed to claim that the work is your own.

You cannot publish my articles on your website or on the Internet such as in videos. You can mention that the crafts you are doing are from K. G. M. Crafts and then give an active link to the page where the crafts can be found. Do not link directly to any PDFs that you are using.

The information, picture, and PDFs can not be published in a book either printed or digitally.

More information about copyrights

Here is a link to that has answers to some common questions about copyrights.