Unique Animal a Craft Book for Kids

It's a craft book for kids. No it is a story. Unique Animal Crafts is both. Your kids will enjoy reading about the mystery of the missing drinking cups.

Then your children can make the animals that are described.

Unique Animal Crafts the book
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The projects use inexpensive easy to find materials. They are also easy to do. Just follow the step-by-step directions. Many of the steps even have pictures, so you can see what to do.

Watch the You Tube trailer about Unique Animal Crafts;

A woman just wants a small drink of water, but she can’t find her 3 oz. drinking cups. She is taken on an adventure around the world looking for her cups. What she finds are cute animals.

How You Can Use Unique Animal Crafts

Come read the story to your kids.

Then let them make the crafts.

Don’t stop there most of the animals can be used as small puppets or toys.

As you can see this craft book for kids is a great boredom buster. So get the kids off the TV and computer. Let them be creative.

We All Want Our Kids to Develop Skills!

Your children can learn and practice skills such as;

  • Cutting and pasting

  • Creativity

  • Imagination play

  • Fine motor

  • Recognition of shapes - They will be working with rectangles, circles, and other shapes

  • Older children can practice measuring and math

  • When they read and talk about the animals they are developing language.

Your child can develop these necessary skills for academic success in a fun way.

Preschoolers can make the animals with some help from mom. Older children will only need some supervision. But as with any craft you will need to read the directions and see what is appropriate for your child.

You will not need a lot of supplies to do the projects in Unique Animal Crafts. Besides a package of 3 ounce cups you will need some paper, pipe cleaners, glue, and other easy to find materials. Each craft comes with a supply list.

In the craft book for kids you will find animals that live;

  • On the farm
  • In Africa
  • In the forest
  • Sea Creatures
  • Birds
  • Pets
  • Dinosaurs

In Unique Animal Crafts there are 25 different animals your child can make. This book will interest any animal lover.

There are some bonus creatures too.

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