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www.kgmcrafts.com is written an edited by Karen and Grace Morris.

Special Note to Adults:

This website www.kgmcrafts.com provides a service for adults looking for crafts for kids. We operate our site in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and will not knowingly collect or use personal information from anyone under 13 years of age.

Every adult must use their judgment when choosing which crafts to do with the children they work with. While K. G. M. Crafts provides projects that are safe and fun for children to do, it is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe for your child.


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The contents of this site are protected by copyright under international conventions and, apart from the permission stated, the reproduction, permanent storage, or retransmission of the contents of this site is prohibited without the prior written consent of K. G. M. Crafts. You can contact me here.

General Information

Karen and Grace started this website because we enjoy crafting and wanted to share our enjoyment with you.

Building this site does cost some money for hosting, and craft supplies that we buy. So you will see some ads on the site.

Google Adsense Ads

You may see Google ads on some of my pages. I have no control over which ads are displayed on our site. 

In Conclusion

We have ads on the site so that we can freely share something that we love.

Parents and other adults have free access to tutorials and patterns to share with children.

Thank you for your continued support of  www.kgmcrafts.com.


Karen and Grace Morris

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