Father's Day Crafts for Kids 

Using Inexpensive Material

by Karen & Grace Morris

Just like Mom, Dad likes to be remembered. Here are some Father's Day crafts for kids that will not cost an arm or leg. The projects are fun and easy. There are ideas for preschoolers through school aged children to do.

Father's Day Crafts for Kids

Your child will enjoy making and giving a bookmark, pencil topper, or mouse pad, to their dad.

Bookmarks Make Easy Father's Day Crafts for Kids

All dads read. Maybe they don’t read fiction, but bookmarks are useful to use in even car manuals! Your child can choose to make a hammer or tie (all dads like receiving ties for Father’s Day). We have included a PDF pattern so the project is easy enough for preschoolers. You can download your PDF here.

hammer and tie bookmark

You will need;

  • A printer
  • Construction paper or colored printer paper
  • Color crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Print the pattern. I made the bookmark out of construction paper. You could print on colored paper to save a step. Cut the tie or hammer out.

For the tie I used markers and drew on pinstripes.

I made the hammer (a hammer is one of my dad’s most favorite tool) with brown construction paper. I then cut a top piece out of white paper and colored it with a grey marker. I then glued the pieces together.

An optional step is to cover your bookmark with clear contact paper (shelf liner). This will make your bookmark sturdier and last longer.

You could also use the bookmark as a Father’s Day card. Just write your message on the back.

Never Lose Your Pencil Again

Pencils have a habit of walking off. With these pencil toppers Dad will know which pencil is his (and boy will they be easier to find too). We have a hammer, alien, fish, and a pencil with legs (so if it walks off you would know why).

pencil toppers and a pencil holder

To make each pencil you will need a small amount of craft foam and pipe cleaners.

Here are the instructions on how to make the fish topper. The other toppers are similar to the fish.

You will need pencils, craft foam, tacky glue, and pipe cleaners.

Cut out two fish shapes out of craft foam. (On one of the pieces of the fish you can draw a cross in the center. This is the Christian symbol for ‘the fishers of men’.)  Glue together with tacky glue. Cut a thin piece of cardstock paper. Fold several times to make a loop to slide the pipe cleaner in. Tape the end so it doesn’t unravel. Glue the paper to the back of the fish.  Let it dry overnight.

The next morning slide the paper with the fish onto the pipe cleaner about an inch and one half from one end. Wrap the end around the pencil. Twist the pipe cleaner together below the fish to secure. Then twist the long end around the pencil once.

Slide it up so that the first loop (the one that holds the fish) goes over the eraser. Twist the long loop under the fish twice to secure the topper onto the pencil. Cross over the other loops and continue to wrap around the bottom. When you have a tail about an inch long tuck it under the last loop and pull through. Cut off the excess and tuck in the end (you don’t want your dad to hurt his finger on a sharp point!).

For the alien don’t cut the pipe cleaner and make an arm that waves. (I always knew that aliens were really friendly and not trying to take over Earth like what we all thought!)

For the others you can use different colors for the second layer of your craft foam. Be creative and make various creatures or objects!

You can also make your pencil toppers with just pipe cleaners. To make a walking pencil wrap black pipe cleaner around the pencil.  Take three short pieces of pipe cleaner and tuck them into the one wrapped around the pencil. Twist each one in different locations before making the legs. Cut two small pieces of white pipe cleaners for eyes and tuck and twist at the top of the pencil. Now I would give it quickly to your dad before it finds a way to walk off!

I found it easier to make the craft form toppers than the pipe cleaner ones.

A Place for Your Pencils 

You can’t have pencils without a pencil holder! This one very easy to make and uses recycled items.

With an empty dry water bottle cut the top off so the bottom stands about three inches tall. Wrap tissues paper around the sides and bottom of the bottle cut off excess. Tape together and fold about one inch at the top inside the bottle. Full the bottle with dry beans but don’t fill it all the way to the top.

Stick your pencils in and give to your dad! Don’t forget to wish him a Happy Father’s Day!

Mouse Pad

Dad is having problems moving his mouse over the desk again? Well this mouse pad is so cute that you won’t hear your mother scream. It is perfect for any dad that works in an office!

handmade mouse pad

For this project you will need;

  • Craft foam
  • Tape
  • Tacky glue
  • Non-adhesive grip shelf liner

First draw a mouse pattern on paper. All you need is circles for the ears, head, and body. Use the pattern to cut out foam shapes. With brown cut out the mouse’s body, ears, and head.

Also cut pink circles for the inside of the ears. Make a nose, mouth, eye, and feet out of black. Cut a long “C” shape out of tan for the mouse’s tail.

Take foam sheet eight by five and one fourth inches and place mouse pieces where you want them. Tape pieces to sheet then cut around the shapes. You are making a puzzle. Remove tape and discard extra pieces of foam. Take another foam sheet the same size and glue with tacky glue the frame piece. Then glue the mouse pieces in the puzzle so that it is flat. (It would be easier to run your mouse over it if it is flat.)

Let the glue dry overnight. Then glue the shelf liner on the back.

We know that coming with ideas for Father’s Day crafts for kids can be hard. We hope that you were able to find at least one that your dad will like!

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