Easy Flag Crafts for Kids 

by Karen & Grace Morris

You can almost make flag crafts for kids out of any material you have. But making them out of pipe cleaners is not so easy. Do you know that you can make a flag out of red and blue striped straws? It is easy to do once you get started.

flag craft for kids

To make a straw flag crafts for kids you will need;

  • Striped flexible straws in red and blue
  • Tape
  • Silver star stickers

Directions for Flag Crafts for Kids

bend straw

To make the flagpole, bend one red straw at a right angle. You will need to make it a little longer, so attach a small piece of a red straw about 1 1/2 inches to the bottom.

Next make the blue part of the flag (I just love blue). Cut one blue straw so that it measures 2 inches from the flexible part.

Cut another blue straw so that it measures 1 1/2 inches from the flexible part. Cut eight pieces 1 3/4 inches.

tape first blue piece

Tape the flagpole to the blue piece that measures 2 inches from the flexible part.

tape another blue piece

Then tape the other bent blue piece.

continue adding blue pieces

 Next tape the first blue straight piece together. Continue until all the blue pieces are taped.

add red pieces

For the bottom corner of the flag you will need four red straws. Take one straw and bend it. Place the bend on the bottom of the blue part of the flag. Cut off any extra that is above the top of the flag. Continue placing the other three straws. The bend is on the corner of the blue piece. You will need some small pieces to fill in the gaps.

When the four straws are in place, place two more red pieces next to the side of the flag. Also put one piece on the bottom of the flag. Tape everything to hold.

add starts

Add Stars.

Facts about the U.S. Flag

According to Wikipedia there might have not been “one” first United States America flag but many. An early flag was called the Betsy Ross. It had 13 5-pointed stars in a circle formation on a patch of blue to represent the original 13 colonies. It also had red and white stripes.

Right now our flag has 50 stars on a patch of blue that represents our 50 states.

The stars are five-pointed and symbolize the heavens.

The thirteen stripes that are colored red and white are recognized as the 13 original colonies. The strips also represent the sun’s rays.

Each color of our flag is also special. The white represents purity, the red the blood spilt for those who died for our county, the blue is for justice.

Flag crafts for kids are a way you can share with your kids the importance of the symbols of our county.