Nature Crafts for Kids What to Do with Your Collection

by Karen & Grace Morris

 I will show you how you can use your collection in nature crafts for kids. So go outside and collect some rocks, leaves, and other interesting items.I will even show you how to make a bag to carry your collection in.

nature crafts for kids

Go on a Nature Hunt

When you go on a nature hunt, (X marks the spot… Oh, wait that’s for a treasure hunt. Never mind.) you will want to keep your supplies together. (“Hiking is the thing for me!”) This bag will help.

recycled jean bag

You will need;

  • An old pair of adult jeans,
  • A button,
  • Velcro,
  • Stitch witchery  (optional)
  • Iron if you use the stitch witchery
  • Sewing supplies

I found out that a composition notebook will fit in the leg of an adult sized pair of jeans. So I place the notebook inside of the jeans and made a cut about one inch away. I then turned the pant leg inside out and made two zigzags seams with a sewing machine near the cut edge. If you don’t have a sewing machine hand sew the seam.

I cut out the two back pockets near the upper seam.

I used sticky Velcro on the pockets and the opening of the bag to keep them closed. I also hand sewed the Velcro on as the direction on the Velcro says that it is not for fabric.

I used stitch witchery to attach one pocket to the front and back of the bag. I had trouble with it holding the pocket on. (Maybe it was too old; it came from my stash of craft supplies.) So I hand sewed the pockets on.

Now I can carry a pencil, magnifying glass, ruler, and other supplies when I go out to observe nature. Or I can use the bag to collect rocks, leaves, and other interesting items.

Pet Rocks

Your kids want a pet, but you’re worried about the house? Have your kids turn their collection of rocks into interesting creatures (they are quite, clean, and don’t carry fleas! Hey that rhymes!). All you need is some glue and different craft materials. Be sure to bring your imagination along.

pet rocks

In your craft box you might find wiggly eyes, paper, glitter, ribbons, pipe cleaners, feathers, paint, and pompoms. This is a craft where you can use whatever you have on hand.

Now decide if you want your rock to stand upright or lay flat. Then start decorating. If you want to paint or cover your rock with glitter, do this first. Then let it sit overnight.

The next day add eyes, a nose, and a mouth.  This is one pet you will not have to walk or feed. (Rover, sit. Good boy!) Remember your pet rock might get lonely. Make a large variety with different names and give one or more to the whole family and your friends!

Interesting Craft Paper

Want some paper to wrap a gift or to make a cool card? This summer make your own. You could do this project in the fall too.

This is also a great project for using broken crayons. (You know how crayons are.)

maple leaf

Collect leaves, a piece of a fern, or bark. With the flat side of a crayon you will color over the leaf. You will need to use a firm pressure (not too hard though! You don’t want to tear a hole in the paper!).  On one piece of paper I colored a fern green. On a different piece of paper I used fall colors to color a maple leaf.

Making Pictures:
  Are Great Nature Crafts for Kids

Making a picture is another nature crafts for kids that will take some imagination. Look in your collection of rocks, bark, and twigs and see what kind of nature picture you can come up with. I used a small piece of bark and a twig to make kind of tree. I then drew a shape on white paper to represent an owl. (Whooo! Whooo! Whooo?) I glued everything onto blue construction paper.

owl on lim made with bark and twig

You could make a picture of a dinosaur, jungle scene, and what ants see. See what you can come up with.

Most kids like doing outdoor actives more than playing computer games if given something to do. Enjoy doing nature crafts for kids after you have visited the woods lake, or beach. Now you will know what to do with your collections.