Tambourine Kids craft

Celebrate Independence Day

by Karen & Grace Morris

A tambourine kids craft is great for kids who don’t like fireworks but want to make some noise this summer. They could also use it to pretend that they are in a marching band.

2 tambourine kids crafts

You will need;

  • A round container that small cheese wedges come in (If you can’t find this see alternate directions below.)
  • Red, white, blue yarn
  • Dried Beans
  • Construction paper
  • Tacky glue


add beans

First place some beans in your container (You don’t want to have too many beans but enough for a good sound when you shake it).

add yarn

Tie the yarn to the hole that is in the box and place the lid on the container. (You might need to hole punch a hole if yours doesn’t have one).

cut paper to fit

Cut a blue piece of paper 3/4 by 11 3/4 inches. You will need another piece of blue paper 3/4 by 5 3/4 inches to finish the side.

Cut two circles out of paper (one red and the out of white) to cover the top and bottom of the box.

glue paper onto container

Glue the paper to the side and top and bottom of the box.

cut out stars

Cut out stars to decorate the top, bottom, and sides. (Yes, I know I used yellow stars instead of white or blue. I guess I wanted to have 50 golden states of America! =) You can use a small star cookie cutter to help you make the shape.

Alternate Directions for a Tambourine Kids Craft

add beans to paper plate

If you cannot find the round box, you could use two paper plates. Put some beans on one of your plates.

staple plates together

Top with the second plate. Staple the two plates together. But try not to flatten it!

decorate with stars

Now decorate your paper plates by cutting out stars from red and blue construction paper.

add yarn

If you want to decorate with string, you could make small holes in the rim of the plate. Then thread some string through the holes.


A Tambourine is a percussion instrument. It has a frame with pairs of metal jiggles. Some have a drumhead. Most are round but some do come in other shapes.

The first countries to use the instrument were India, the Middle East, Greece, and Rome. The word itself comes from a French word meaning drum. 

The tambourine is either held with the hand or placed on a stand. It is played by either shaking, or hitting it with the hand or stick.

On Independence Day it is common to have a parade. You could make other instruments for other members in your family and friends to be part of your marching band this year.

Besides making a tambourine kids craft for the 4th of July your child could use it to ring in the New Year.

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