Mr. & Mrs. Toilet Roll Lion

by Karen & Grace Morris

Your kids can make a toilet roll lion today. Gather some easy to find supplies and your kids.

Soon your “king of the jungle” will be ready to play on the African plains. Or maybe you want to place your beast behind bars in a zoo.

toilet roll lions

For this craft you will need;

  • An empty toilet roll
  • A cupcake liner
  • Brown construction paper
  • Small piece of black paper
  • Yellow crayon or marker
  • Fine tipped black marker
  • White glue
  • Small piece of brown yarn

Cut two rectangles 3 1/2three inches long for the back paws. Draw four lines for toes. Glue the rectangles on the cardboard roll.

Cut two more rectangles 1 1/2 inches and round the ends. Draw five lines. These will be the front paws. Glue them onto the toilet roll.

I know it doesn’t look like a lion yet, but it will just wait for the next step. (Don’t let your lion walk off without its head!)

To make the head color, yellow lines on the cupcake liner. This will be his mane.

Cut a brown circle to fit inside the liner for the face. Cut a small black triangle and glue in the center of the circle. With a marker, draw eyes and a line for a mouth.

Glue the head to the toilet roll. Now your lion can roar! Did you know that a roar of a lion can be heard for five miles?

The last step is to glue the tail on the lion. You could leave the tail off if you don’t have yarn.

Be careful this is not like pin the tail on the donkey. Lions have teeth. Well, maybe yours doesn’t.

Mrs. Toilet Roll Lion

To make this craft you will need a toilet roll, yellow paper, and glue. You will also need scraps of brown and black paper for the nose and eyes. For the tail, you will need a small piece of yarn.

For the head, cut a large tear shape. The top is 2 1/2 inches wide. It tapers to 1 inch at the bottom.

Cut two circles 1 inch for the ears. Glue to the sides of the head.

For the eyes, cut two ovals out of brown paper. Next, cut a small triangle out of black paper for the nose. You could also use a marker or crayon to draw on the eyes and nose.

With a black pen, draw two lines from the nose to the bottom of the head.

You want the lines to curve out near the bottom.

Make feet and a tail like the male lion above.

You could also decorate a sour cream container to make a circus stand for your lion to perform on!

Use your toilet roll lion in your imaginary play or as party favors.