Water Craft for Kids

by Karen & Grace Morris

Do your kids love playing with water? Here is a water craft that will make interesting designs. It combines art and science. After your coffee filter dries your kids can make it into a butterfly, flower, or jellyfish.

(The chemical name for water is H2O. They also say that water covers 71% of Earth.)

water crafts

For this project you will need;

  • a coffee filter,
  • a washable black marker,
  • a water dropper (another name is eye dropper)

Now color your coffee filter with the marker. You can make lines, dots, or spiral.

Next lay the filter flat a piece of paper.  If you are worry about your table getting wet, place an old towel under the paper.

Now with a dropper place water on the coffee filter. You want the coffee filter to be wet enough that the black lines begin to run.

This would be a fun activity to do in the springtime. You could even draw your picture and place it out in the rain for a short period of time.

See the different colors? On mine you can see blue and some red. Black is a mixture of several different colors. The mixture absorbs most of the light so we see black.

 Blue ink it looks blue because the ink is reflecting the blue part of white light and absorbing the other colors.

You could try other washable markers. Will they also change colors? When I tried they didn’t change colors but they did run. So you can make interesting tie-dye creations.

What Your Kids Can Make With Water Crafts

Now you can make things with your coffee filter.

To make a butterfly, find a clothespin and a pipe cleaner. (I used a pink pipe cleaner for the antenna.)

coffee filter butterfly
fold into a fan

Fold the filter back and forth the make a fan. Twist the center a time or two. Then clip with the clothespin. 

make an antenna

Fold the pipe cleaner in half. Now fold the ends on each side. I did three turns so that it made a small circle on each end of the pipe cleaner.

finished butterfly

Place the pipe cleaner under the clip of the clothespin.

 (Some butterflies like the Owl Butterfly have spots on their wings that look like eyes.)

You could also use the coffee filter to make a jellyfish. Near the edge of the filter punch some holes with a hole punch. Thread ribbon through the holes for the jellyfish’s tentacles. If you want to hang your jellyfish up make a hole in the center and add string.

coffee filter jellyfish

(Some jellyfish can glow because they have green fluorescent protein and aequorin. People can extract the protein from the jellyfish to make Glofish.)

To make a flower you will need your filter and a pipe cleaner.

coffee filter flower
fold coffee filter

 Fold the coffee filter in half.

pinch center of fold

Start to fold the sides to the center and pinch. Twist the center some.

add pipe cleaner

Twist the end of a pipe cleaner around the center for a stem.

By the way you could use a paper towel for a water craft, but you will need to cut the towel into a circle. Then you can make a butterfly, jellyfish, or flower.

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