Colorful Owl Crafts for Kids

by Karen & Grace Morris

Our owl crafts for kids come in many different colors. In real life the birds are brownish-red or brownish gray. The Snowy Owl is white.

Your kids can have fun using different materials such toilet paper rolls, paper bags, felt, and craft foam.

owl crafts for kids

Paper Bag Owl

Don’t worry this owl won’t eat your lunch.

paper bag owl

You will need;

  • Lunch sized paper bag
  • Construction paper
  • Glue

Cut seven strips of paper for the feathers five inches long by two inches wide. Cut scallops on one end.

Cut two ovals about three inches long by two inches of yellow paper. Cut a one inch circle for the pupils.

(Some people think that owls look like they are deep in thought because of their large eyes).

Cut a folded triangle for the beak.

Glue the feathers on the paper bag. The first piece goes just under the fold. Overlap the other six pieces. The bag will be except the bottom flap.
On the bottom flap glue the eyes. Glue the beak on the fold.
Hang this owl on the wall for a fall decoration.

2 Toilet Paper Roll Owl Crafts for Kids

Paper rolls make cute owls. The craft is easy too. The only trouble I had was getting a glue stick to hold the paper to the paper roll. After I changed to white glue I didn’t have any more problems getting the paper to stick.

two owls

Wise Owl

Owls are often associated with wisdom. So this owl has glasses and a graduation hat.

Also black is usually not a color associated with owls. But owls do like to camouflage themselves, so they may be hard to see in the trees.

You will need;

  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Construction paper
  • Twelve inch piece of pipe cleaner
  • Black bottle cap (you want the bottle cap from a pop bottle.)
  • Craft string
  • Glue

On the paper roll, fold the center of the top down so that it makes two points at each end.

From black construction paper cut seven pointed ovals. They need to be three inches long. Glue to the toilet paper roll so that one of the points is on the bottom of the roll.

Place two ovals slightly higher on the sides and only place glue on the center. These will be the wings.

Cut two ovals from yellow. Cut two circles from black that will fit inside of the ovals. Glue together. Then glue onto the paper roll above the black feathers. 

Before you glue on the wing pieces, make your owl’s glasses. You will want to bend two circles in the center of the pipe cleaner. Bend the ends to look like glasses.

Hold the glasses to the sides of the toilet paper roll. Glue the paper wing piece over the ear piece of the glasses. Do the same for the other side.

For the graduation hat make a square piece of paper that is slightly larger than the top of your bottle cap.

Fold a piece of string several times. You want the string to be three inches long (the folded length). Tie a small piece of string to one end to make the tassel. Cut the loops on this end.

Tape the string to the top of the bottle cap. Then glue the paper square on the cap. Place your graduation cap on one of the ears on your owl. Now give this cute owl to someone that you know that is graduating this year! Don’t forget to wish him or her congratulations!

Student Owl

I think that toilet paper rolls make cute owls.


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Construction paper
  • glue

Make the owl like the one above except you will not need to make glasses or a graduation cap.

So, fold the top of the paper roll down to make the owl’s horns. 

The Great Horned Owl has tuffs of feathers that look like large ears or horns on the top of his head.

Then glue five oval shapes to the sides. You will have two pieces leftover for the wings. Glue on the wings and eyes. Your owl is done.

Paper Plate Owl

I have seen cute cartoonist fat owls. I thought that I might give it a try with a paper plate and tiny legs.

red owl

What you need;

  • Red tissue paper
  • Paper plate
  • Red, yellow, and black paper
  • Glue stick
  • Tape

Cut various pieces of tissue paper and glue onto the paper plate. It doesn’t matter how big or small the pieces are as long as it covers the plate.

Cut out two large ovals of yellow paper for the eyes. Make two smaller ovals out of black paper for the pupils. Glue onto the center of the paper plate.

(Owls have a binocular like vision. They are also nocturnal, so they can see well at night). Cut out a folded yellow paper triangle for the beak. Glue under the eyes.

 Cut two long pointed triangles out of red paper. I was having a hard time with gluing them on to the edge of the paper plate so I taped them on.
Make two little legs out of yellow paper for the feet. Tape the legs to the bottom edge of the paper plate.

Owl Stuffed Toy

I thought that it would be cool to have a pillow shaped owl. He could also be used as a stuffed toy as well.

white owl

What you need;

  • White, sparkly white, yellow, and black craft felt
  • White thread
  • Needle
  • Stitch witchery, or tacky glue (I was using tacky glue but had a few problems with it sticking)
  • Stuffing

Cut a two large pieces of white felt in an owl shape (mine was just a simple round like oval with two triangle on top).

Take one of your owl pieces and make the other parts for him. Make two tear shape wings out of the sparkly white felt. Make two large ovals for the eyes out of yellow felt. Cut two small circles to make the pupils that will fit in the yellow felt. Cut a folded triangle for the beak. (Are you a night owl?)

Craft felt is hard to keep folded. So to keep the beak looking like a beak we need to sew it. Take out your needle and thread and make a knot with the thread. Sew up and down at the edge of the beak. When you get to the end make a knot to secure it. (who, who, hooooot!)

Using stitch witchery or tacky glue secure the features to the owl shape.
If you were using tacky glue make sure that it is dry first. Now start sewing!

Make a knot with your needle and thread. Start at bottom of one wing and sew to the bottom of the other wing. You don’t want to sew the bottom of the owl shape just yet. When you get to the bottom of the other wing make a knot in your thread.

Stuff the inside of the owl with stuffing. When your owl is full, sew the bottom up.

Give the stuff owl toy to a younger sibling. Or you could just keep it on your bed to cuddle up with!

Owl Bookmark

This owl will hold your place in your book.

owl bookmark

All you will need is craft foam, googly eyes, and glue.

Out of orange craft foam cut an oval three inches. Cut a “C” shape on the bottom to make wing points. Cut two small ovals and a triangle from yellow foam.  Cut a strip of brown craft foam eight-half by one inch long.

Glue the eyes and beak on the orange owl. I also glued googly eyes on the yellow circles. (With a good book you are definitely going to be a night owl.)

Glue the owl to the brown strip. I made some circles and marks to represent the bark on a tree stump

Who is ready to make some owl crafts for kids?

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