Interesting Bug Crafts Your Kids Will Love Making

(and You Will Like Having Around)

by Karen & Grace Morris

 Don’t worry these bug crafts for kids are not annoying pests. Your kids will have an exciting time making the insects.

So what is the different between bugs and insects? Bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs. Bugs have a mouth that they can use to pierce and suck with. Insects go through four life stages while bugs only go through three.

These bugs and insects are cute and colorful. Well, maybe not the ant...

bug crafts for kids

In Western society people use the words bug and insects interchangeably. You might here a person call an ant a bug or an aphid an insect. Also, people sometimes refer to spiders, centipede, ticks, and other creepy crawlers as bug.

Here are several bug crafts for kids. The pictures will take you to the projects.

Caterpillars are the larva of butterflies and moths. Most are fuzzy and are pretty looking. Some are even spiny. They usually look like the plant that they live on. Here is one that can join your bug collection. The other can help you take notes. It would make a nice gift for your mom or teacher.

Moths and butterflies I don’t mind having around. Most of their wings have beautiful patterns and colors that are fun to look at. Butterflies are even a good thing to have around in your garden. They like large pink or lavender flowers. Moths also pollinate plants, they like white flowers that open at night. One of the crafts you could put on a desk. The other you could use to keep your notes or shopping lists on the refrigerator.

Ants are considered one of the hardest working insects. They are even mentioned in the Bible. This ant is big because he is made out of an egg carton. You could use this project in school. After you have made the craft, label each of the different parts.

Bees help pollinate plants and some make honey. Many live in colonies called beehives. This craft will look cute sitting on your desk or near a flower display.

Spring and summer is a great time to see insects. You will be able to see ants, caterpillars, bees and other creatures in the garden.

You can also observe ants by buying an ant farm. Or buy a butterfly kit to observe the life cycle of a monarch.

Sometimes zoos will have special bug exhibits. They might even have a butterfly house where you can walk among them.

After you have finished observing insects in the wild, come in the house and make some bug crafts for kids.

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