Easy Isaiah Bible Crafts for Children's Church

by Karen & Grace Morris

The advent season is a great time to make Isaiah Bible crafts. Below you will find a manger, Christmas baubles, a tree of Jesse, and several other crafts. The sandals can remind children that those who bring good news are blessed. Your class can also make a picture for Isaiah 9:2.

Most of the Isaiah Bible crafts are easy enough for preschoolers to do. Some are just cut-and-paste projects. Make the activities even easier by pre-cutting the rectangles and circles before class.

The pictures will take you to the individual Isaiah Bible crafts.

Craft for Isaiah 7:14

Craft for Isaiah 7:14

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14 KJV

Note that sometimes Immanuel is spelled Emmanuel.

You will need;

  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Brown construction paper
  • A piece of your favorite colored paper
  • White glue
Immanuel step 1

Fold the paper plate in half. From the top of the fold, measure 4 1/2 inches and draw a 3-inch line. Also, draw a line 1 1/2 from the rim.
Next, make the legs of the manger. Draw an angled line 3 inches long from the bottom of the fold. Measure 1 inch and draw another angled line 1 1/2 inches long. Draw a 3 1/2 line along the rim.

Immanuel step 2

Cut on your lines. Save the center that you cut off from the paper plate.

Immanuel step 3

To cover the manger with brown paper, cut two rectangles 7 by 4 inches.

Immanuel step 4

Fold one of the rectangles in half. Place the fold on the fold of the paper plate. Draw around the side and legs.

Immanuel step 5

Cut the shape out. Do the same with the other brown rectangle. Unfold the rectangles and paper plate.

Immanuel step 6

For the baby Jesus, use the center that you cut from the paper plate. Draw a 2-inch circle for the head and a 2 1/2 inch circle for the body. It will look something like a snowman.

Immanuel step 7

For the blanket, cut a 5-inch square from your favorite colored paper. Place the baby diagonally, so the head is at one corner.

Immanuel step 8

Fold the bottom corner up approximately 2 inches. Fold the sides over the baby. Glue the top corner so that it stay shut.

Immanuel step 9

Glue baby Jesus to the back of the paper plate at an angle. You want the baby to look like it is laying in a manger.

Immanuel step 10

Glue one of the brown mangers over the baby and on the paper plate.

Immanuel step 11

Glue the last brown manger to the front of the paper plate. Write Immanuel on the rim.

Isaiah 9:2 Craft

Craft for Isaiah 9:2

The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: Isaiah 9:2 KJV

You will need;

  • Black construction paper for the background
  • Scraps of black paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Blue construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
Isiah 9:2 step 1

Cut four rectangles 2 1/2 by 2 inches from black paper.

Fold the black rectangles in half. Draw a kidney shape on the rectangles. Or you could just draw an oval shape. Cut the shape out. These will be the feet that are walking in darkness.

Isiah 9:2 step 2

Cut a 2 3/4 inch circle from yellow paper.
Also, cut a 7 by 2 1/2 inch rectangle from blue or your favorite colored paper.

Isiah 9:2 step 3

Glue the yellow circle to the blue rectangle to make a flashlight.

Isiah 9:2 step 4

Glue the flashlight to one of the corners of the background so that it is pointing down.

Glue the feet to the background piece near the bottom.

If you want to write on the flashlight, write, “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light, Isaiah 9:2.”

His Name Shall Be Called

Isiah 9:6 name craft

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 KJV

You will need;

  • Names FREE PDF
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Hole punch
  • Glue stick
  • Craft string or yarn
name craft step 1

Print and cut out the pieces from the FREE PDF. (You will notice that the word "Counsellor" has been changed to the modern spelling of "Counselor".)

name craft step 2

Cut five 5 1/2 by 3 1/2 rectangles from construction paper.

name craft step 3

Place the bauble pattern on the rectangles and cut around the outside.

name craft step 4

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of each of the baubles.
Glue a circle to the center of each bauble.

name craft step 5

Glue the banner to the center of a 9 by 2 1/2 inch rectangle. Cut around the outside of the white banner to make a boarder.
Punch one hole in the center of the banner. Measure 1 1/2 inches from the circle and make a hole on each side. Measure another 1 1/2 inches and make a hole. You should have five holes.

name craft step 6

Cut a piece of string. Thread the string though the bauble with the word, “Wonderful”. Then thread the ends through the first hole on the banner. Next, cut another longer piece of string and thread through the bauble with the word, “Counselor”. Tie it to the next hole in the banner. Continue until you have place all the baubles on the banner. You could also use yarn for this step.

Isaiah 11:1 Craft

Tree of Jesse

Isiah 11:11 talks about a branch that will grow from the stump of Jesse.


  • Egg carton
  • Scissors
  • Brown paint or marker
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • A scrap of green paper
tree of Jesse step 1

Cut a cell from the egg carton. Cut around the edge so that it is smooth.

tree of Jesse step 2

With brown paint, paint the outside.

tree of Jesse step 3

Bend the green pipe cleaner, leaving about 3 inches on one end.

tree of Jesse step 4

Twist the top together.

tree of Jesse step 5

To make the leaves, cut a 2 1/4 by 1 inch rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half. Cut a tear shape, leaving some of the folded edge intact. Unfold, you should have two leaves that are attached.

tree of Jesse step 6

Untwist the top of the pipe cleaner some. Slip in the leaves. Twist so that the leaves stay in place.

tree of Jesse step 7

Make a circle from the bottom of the pipe cleaner. Place in the egg carton cell. 

tree of Jesse another way

Bend the pipe cleaner stem over the egg carton stump so that it looks like a branch growing out of it.

By the way, the picture shows that you can use a marker to color the egg carton. 

Isaiah 52 Craft

Isiah 52 craft

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news. (the King James Version says: “bringth good tidings”. Most other translations say: “good news”.) Isaiah 52:7-8


  • Favorite colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Hole protectors
  • 12-inch pipe cleaner
sandal step 1

Fold the construction paper in half. Draw a sandal shape. (oval, 8 by 3 1/2 inches). Use a cottage cheese container to draw a curved line at the top. Measure approximately 8 inches from the top and make another curved line at the bottom. On one side, connect top and bottom with a straight line. On the other side, make a slight curved line towards the center of the sandal.

sandal step 2

Cut the shape out. You should have two sandal shapes. If you flip one over, you will have a left and right sandal.
Make a mark 1 inch from the center top. Punch a hole at your mark. Measure 4 1/4 from the top and 1 inch from each side. Punch a hole at each side.

sandal step 3

Add a hole protector to each hole, so it does not tear.

Thread your pipe cleaner through the bottom holes so that the ends are equal.

sandal step 4

Cross the ends and then thread through the top hole. Spread the ends apart. Do the same with the other sandal.
On one sandal, write “good”. On the other one write “news”.

Have fun making Isaiah Bible crafts and learning about a prophet of God.

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