Jacob's Ladder Bible Craft that Is Easy to Make

by Karen & Grace Morris

The Jacob's Ladder Bible craft has two parts. Your Sunday school class will make a ladder and angels. Before you start making the craft, make sure that the children know the meaning of ascending and descending. 

When Jacob was going to Padanaram he went to sleep and had a dream. In his dream, he saw a ladder that reached heaven. On the ladder, angels were going up and down.

You can read about Jacob's dream in Genesis 28:12. 

Jacob's Ladder Bible Craft

To make the ladder, you will need;

  • Drinking straws
  • Craft string
  • Scissors
  • Blue construction paper
  • White paper
  • Paper clips

To make two angels, you will need;

  • White tissue paper
  • 12-inch gold pipe cleaner
  • Small spring clothespins
  • Glue stick

Don't be intimidated by the long list of supplies. Most can be found in your Sunday school supply cabinet or bought inexpensively.

To make the craft quickly, cut the straws and tissue to size.

To Make the Ladder

cut string and straws to size

Cut the bendable part of the straw off and cut each straw in half. Make a slit 1/2 inch from each end of the straw pieces. Do not cut the end of the straw off.

Cut two pieces of craft string 24 inches long.

attach the first straw

Knot one end of each string.

Using the slit in the straw, attach it to one of the strings.

Attach the other side to the other piece of string. 

add another straw

Measure approximately 1 inch from the straw and attach another straw to the string.

Continue until you have six pieces of straw on the string. 

attach the ladder to the background

Use a paper clip to hold each string to the top of the background sheet.

make the clouds

To make the clouds, cut a rectangle 11 by 2 1/2 inches from white paper. Cut a wavy line on one end. 

glue the clouds to the background

Fold 1 inch on each side of the white rectangle. Add some glue and glue to the top of the background sheet. 

To Make the Angels

cut and fold the tissue paper

Cut the tissue paper in a rectangle 6 by 4 inches. Also, cut the pipe cleaner in half.

Fold the tissue back and forth like a fan.

twist the pipe cleaner around the tissue

Twist one end of the pipe cleaner around the center.

attach it to the clothespin

Hold the clothespin so the pointed ends are on the bottom. Then place the pipe cleaner through and behind the clothespin.

Open the pin, so the pipe cleaner is in front.

make the halo and wings

Wrap the end in a circle to represent the halo.

Unfold the tissue paper. Trim so that both sides are equal at the bottom.

glue the bottom

Glue the bottom ends together over the pointed ends of the clothespin. The tissue will look like wings.

add the angels

Clip your angels to the ladder. 

You have finished your Jacob's ladder Bible craft.

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