Ahoy, Matey Let's Make Pirate Crafts for Kids

by Karen & Grace Morris

All hand hoay, time to make pirate crafts for kids. September 19 is soon approaching and we want to be ready to look the part.

The pictures below will take you to the individual pirate crafts for kids.

pirate crafts for kids make a hat sword, parrot, or hook for your hand.

Words to learn while you make pirate crafts for kids!

Ahoy Matey = hello friend

All Hand hoay = all hands on deck

Buccaneer = pirate

Pieces of eight = money

Lad, Lassie = boy or girl

Scurvy dog = is a mild

Sea dog = old pirate

Dress Like a Pirate Crafts for Kids

In the past seamen often wore a woolen cap called a Monmouth cap, a loose-fitting shirt, and a loose fitting lower garment that stopped at the knee often called a slop.

Seamen could make their own clothing or add embroidery to what they had.

Pirates also wore clothing that was taken from captured prisoners and booty they got from ships that they seized.

Sailors were often barefooted on board ship.

So find yourself some baggy clothes and make these pirate crafts for kids. Soon you will look the part of a buccaneer.

Captain Hook

a hook for your hand

“Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.”

You will need;

  • 20-ounce paper cup
  • Paper towel roll
  • Foil
  • Scissors
draw a hook on a paper towel roll

Squish the paper towel roll so it lays flat. Draw a shape that looks something like a candy cane. It needs to be 6 inches long. Keep the cardboard double so that it will be strong.

cover the hook with foil

Cover the hook with strips of foil. Leave 1 1/4 inches uncovered at the bottom.

make a hole in the cup

Make a small hole in the bottom of the cup.

Fold the end of the bottom of the hook in half. 

put the hook in the cup and decorate the cup

Push the hook in the hole in the cup. There should be enough inside so that you can grasp the end with your hand.

Decorate the outside of the cup. Use Washi tape or anything else you can think of.

Place the cup over your hand. Agrrr, matey!

Captain's Hat

Captain's hat

Not all pirates wore a captain's hat but everyone wants to be the captain of their own ship :)


By the way the PDF has templates for 2 other pirate crafts for kids.

paint your hat

On the bottom of the plate fold the rim 2 1/2 inches to the back.

From the rim draw a straight line 1 3/4 inches. Do the same on the other side.

From your straight line draw a curve to the top.

Cut the shape out.

With a sponge paint the hat black and let dry.

Tip: When you use a painting sponge the paint dries smooth. If you use a paintbrush you will see lines.

add the skull and crossbones

When dry, print and cut out your skull and crossbones from your PDF. Glue it to the center of the hat.

add the elastic

With the two paper clips attach the elastic to the piece that is folded up on the hat. You might need to adjust the elastic so that it fits your child's head. You want the elastic snug but not too tight.

Eye Patch

fancy eye patch

This is a lacy patch for the lassie. If you are a lad use a different color and don't add the lace.

You will need;

  • PDF of the eye patch
  • Felt in your favorite color
  • Scissors
  • Lace
  • Tacky glue
  • 2 strips of construction paper 12 inches long
  • Self-sticking Velcro 
cut the patch out of felt

Print the PDF of the eye patch. Cut the shape out of felt.

add the lace

With tacky glue add lace to the back of the patch. Add a small piece of Velcro to each side of the patch.

cut out paper strips and add Velco

Cut two strips of construction paper 12 inches long. Add a small piece of Velcro to the sides.

Place the patch on the child and adjust to fit. 

So, after you have made these pirate crafts for kids you should look the part and be ready to sail your ship. But wait there is more...

Pirate Crafts for Kids – Items Everyone Needs

What every sailor needs aboard ship :)

Polly the Parrot

a parrot for your shoulder

“Hey Scurvy dog! Give me some pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!”

Pirate crafts for kids supplies for the parrot;

  • 4 sheets of plain printer paper
  • Red, blue, and yellow tissue paper
  • 2 craft sticks
  • Paper towel roll
  • Duck tape
  • Tape
  • Hot glue
  • Marker
  • 6 rubber bans
crumble up paper

Crumble up a sheet of printer paper. Shape the top to have a head and beak. Crumble up two more pieces of paper. Tape both of them to the lower side of the one you just foam. This will be the belly.

Tip: You don't have to use plain white printer paper. Other great alternatives are to use old schoolwork, newspaper, or other paper scraps. Just remember if your paper is bigger than printer paper, you will not have to use as much. Unless you want to have a monster parrot.

add craft sticks for legs

At the bottom of bird, stick in a craft stick to make a leg. Do the same to the other craft stick. Tape them to secure.

add red tissue paper

Wrap the belly and around the craft sticks with red tissue paper, taping it so it won't unravel.

add blue to the head

Tape on blue tissue paper for the head.

add yellow for the beak

Tape on blue tissue paper for the head. With a black marker draw two eyes on either side of your parrot's head.

make the wings and tail

Crumble another piece of paper. Cut it in half. Shape them to look like wings. Wrap blue tissue paper around them and tape it.

Cut a piece of blue tissue paper. Crumble one end to look long and narrow and tape it to keep its shape. At the other end shape the tissue paper into three feather-like strips.

add the wings and tail to the bird

Hot glue the wings near the bird's neck. Hot glue the tail to the back of the bird.

mark where the feet should go on the paper roll

Cut a paper towel roll 3 inches. Measure the distance between the two craft stick of your bird. With that measurement cut two slits into the paper towel roll, but don't cut the slits too big. Stick your bird's legs into the paper towel roll's slits

duck tape

Duck tape it inside so it will stay in. Also, duck tape where the sticks are on the outside. So it looks natural like an epaulet, duck tape around the entire paper towel roll. I only had gray, but gold duck tape would look great for a gold epaulet.

make the bird's feet and add rubber bands

Cut a small piece of yellow tissue paper. Tape it where the craft stick meets with the paper towel roll. At the back side, you will want one toe-like shape. At the front end shape it to have three toe-like shapes. To the same to the other craft stick.

Knot the rubber bands together. Thread it through the paper towel roll. Tie the ends of the rubber bans chain.

Thread your arm in the rubber ban chain and let Polly sit on your shoulder.

Cutlass Sword

Another fun pirate crafts for kids!


“Avast, ye matey! And watch what I can do with me cutlass!”

What you will need;

  • Gray and red duck tape
  • 2 paper towel rolls
  • Cardboard from a cereal box
cut your sword pieces

You will need to have three pieces of the paper towel roll. Cut one piece 4 3/4 inches, this will be the base. The other piece will need to be 4 3/4 inches to be the hand guard. The handle is 2 3/4 inches.

Cut your cardboard to be 8 1/2 by 2 1/4 inches with a slight curve. This is the blade.

cover the base with duck tape

On one end of the base (one of the 4 3/4 inch towel rolls) duck tape about 2 1/2 inches then go back to the start. 

add the blade

Without cutting the tape, grab your blade (the curved cereal box) and place the straight edge in the base. Tape the blade to the base and continue until it is cover completely and thick. Cut the tape.

add red duck tape

At the other end of the base start taping with red duck tape where the gray tape ends. Continue until you get to the very end of the paper towel roll. Cut the tape.

cover the hand guard with red tape

Cover the hand guard with red duck tape. Then place the hand guard sideways at the base where the red tape ends. Cut a strip of red tape and use it to connect the hand guard to the base. Make sure it is secure on both sides.

cover the handle with red tape

Cover the handle with red tape.

add the handle to the sword

Place it at the center of the hand guard. Cut a strip of red tape and secure it there.

“Avast, young lad! No sword fighting on deck! Or walk the plank you will!”

X Marks the Spot

treasure map

“X is where the treasure is lassie. Filled with pieces of eight, precious gems, and rare artifacts.” Or maybe it is more pirate crafts for kids :)


  • A sheet of brown paper
  • Pipe cleaners (get a verity of colors. Red, green, brown, blue, black)
  • Marker
  • Tacky glue
  • Large book
  • Wax paper
tear the paper

Take your brown paper and rip some from all the sides. This will give it an old look.

bend your pipe cleaners to represent an island, hills, etc.

You can make your map any way you like. What I did was: make a large island with a brown pipe cleaner for the center of the map, bending it to make a good shape.

Cut very small pieces of a brown pipe cleaner, bending them in small circles to make little islands to dot on the map.

Make a red X with two small pieces of red pipe cleaners, placing it on the large island.

To make hills, cut a few pieces of green pipe cleaners and bend them in “V” shapes placing them on the large island.

The water was made using pieces of blue pipe cleaners and bending them in zigzags.

Every map also needs a sea monster, to make one, grab a green pipe cleaner and bend it in a zigzag shape then bend a very small black eye on one end.

glue the pieces on the paper

Glue everything down with tacky glue.

Cover a large book with wax paper and place on the map, until it is dry.

With a marker, write an “N” with an arrow pointing up below it. Somewhere on the map write “X marks the spot!”

Another cool idea for a treasure map is to make a map of your house or backyard. Then hide some loot for someone to find using the map.


pretend compass

Everyone needs a compass to find where the treasure is buried.


  • Jar lid
  • Cardboard
  • Construction paper of your favorite color
  • Markers
  • Push pin
  • Paperclip
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue
make the points on the compass

Trace your cap on the cardboard and cut out. Also, do the same for your construction paper. With the glue stick, glue your construction paper to your cardboard.

Find the center of the construction paper and make a dot there. With a marker write an “N” on one of the ends of the circle. On the other side write an “S”. At the right write an “E”. At the left write a “W”. Make a design of lines coming from the center of the circle to each of the letters. I made three lines in-between each of the letters for like North-East or North-West or stuff like that.

finish the compass and glue to the lid

Make a hole with your push pin in the center of the compass. Take your paperclip and bend one end of it towards you. Stick it in the hole and blend it to the cardboard.

Hot glue the cardboard to the cap.

Pirate crafts for kids wouldn't be complete without a spyglass. You can find the directions here.

Anchors Away


Can't let the boat get away while looking at that island! An anchor is just what you'll need.


Print the PDF of the anchor.

cut out the top from black craft foam

Cut the top out of black craft foam. Cut out the center of the circle.

cut out a red piece

Cut the bottom out of red foam.

glue the pieces together

Glue the black piece on the red.

Ahoy mates. Remember the September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day. With pirate crafts for kids, we can talk like an old sea dog =) 

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