Space Crafts for Kids for Out of this World Fun

by Karen & Grace Morris

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off with space crafts for kids!

Imagine you are a pilot of a spaceship exploring new worlds. What kind of aliens will you see?

Click on the pictures to find the directions for space crafts for kids.


Come back to Earth and create a model of the ship that you drove and the creatures that you saw. 

Aliens space crafts for kids

Imaginary worlds
Creatures of outer space
Space Crafts for Kids

With space crafts for kids, you can pretend to be a pilot. 

Bottle Rocket

recycle a bottle to make a rocket

Make a rocket to pretend that you are visiting far-off planets. 

You will need;

  • A 16-ounce plastic soda bottle with lid
  • Red and white tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Red and black construction paper
add red tissue

Cut several pieces (I used eight) of red tissue paper 1 by 3 1/2 inches. Also cut a piece 1 by 1 1/2 inches.

Place glue on the bottle cap and add the 1 by 1 1/2 inch piece of red tissue on the glue.

Add a strip of glue on the neck of the bottle, add a piece of red tissue. Add more glue on the neck of the bottle and on the tissue. Then add another strip of tissue. Continue until the top is covered in red. 

trim the tissue

Trim off any tissue that goes beyond the curve of the neck. 

add the white tissue

Cut two pieces of white tissue 6 by 9 inches.

Add some glue to the side of the bottle. Add one piece of white tissue on the glue. Then add more glue and add the other piece of tissue over the first.

cut pieces out of construction paper

Fold a piece of red construction paper in half. Cut a heart shape for the fin. Make two.

Cut two 1 1/2 inch circles from black construction paper.

fold the heart shapes some

Cut the curve off the heart. Open and fold the sides to the center.

glue the pieces on the rocket

Glue the center of the fins to the side of the bottle. Do the same for the other fin.

Glue the black circles to the white tissue.



This spaceship has lost its rockets and is ready for orbit.


  • 8 oz plastic container
  • 16 oz paper coffee cup 
  • Plastic Easter egg
  • Duct tape
find a coffee cup, plastic egg, and container

Turn the coffee cup around and place the opening on top of the opening of the plastic container. It should fit so that some of the container is showing below the coffee cup.

Break the plastic Easter egg in half. Place the more pointy part on the coffee cup. Now take everything off so that you can duct tape.

duck tape the container

Cut a piece of duct tape so that it will fit the top of the coffee cup. Place the plastic container inside. Press the duct tape onto the plastic container. Be careful that the container remains centered in the coffee cup. 

add more duck tape

Cut another piece of tape and cover the plastic container.

add the egg and duck tape

Place the egg on the coffee cup. Cut a piece of duct tape that will fit around the bottom of the cup. Press around the egg. Cut another piece of duct tape and cover the plastic egg.

Decorate your coffee cup if you want, or leave it as it is. Fly your spaceship around the moon.

Some space crafts for kids look more like UFOs.

Flying Fighter

flying fighter spacecraft

Do you think that Han Solo would pilot this ship?


  • 2 paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Paper clips
  • White and Black (or gray) paint
  • Rhinestone self-sticking jewels 
  • Glue stick
cut two paper plate

Fold the plate in half and half again to find the center and place a dot with a pencil. Unfold half and draw an oval on one end from the rim to the center dot.

Cut on the line. Unfold the plate. You should have a shape that looks something like a crab.

Fold the other plate in half. Use the other plate to draw an oval line, but near the center curve it to the fold. Cut out.

glue the plates together

With tacky glue, glue around the edge of the rim on the bottom plate. The one with the circle in the center. Place the other plate on top and match the edges. The top plate will puff up some so that it looks more like a 3D model.

Place paper clips around the edge, so it stays together and let dry.  

make gray paint

Remove the paper clips. To make gray, mix equal amounts of white and black paint. 

paint the ship

Then paint the spaceship gray.

add rhinestones

Stick on rhinestone gems for the lights. If they don't stick, you can use a glue stick. 

Paper plates make great space crafts for kids. :)


UFO space craft

Incoming UFO. Don't be alarmed. This thing is harmless and brings friendly beings. 

You will need;

  • Two paper plates
  • Tissue paper
  • Flash tape (you can find this in the gardening section of your store)
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick
  • Beans (optional)
staple two plates together

If you are using beans, place some on your plate. Top with another plate and staple the edges together. Try not to flatten the plates. 

add blue tissue

Add blue tissue to one side of the UFO.

add yellow tissue

Add yellow tissue to the other side.

add flash tape

Cut small pieces of flash tape and round the corners. (When the sun hits the flash tape, it will look like flashing lights). Make a pattern of silver and red and glue them around the rims of the plates.

If you can’t find the flash tape, you could use small strips of aluminum foil instead.

If you added the beans, you have a noisy UFO, but don’t fly the craft as the beans might hurt someone.


Space crafts for kids would not be complete without some fun creatures from outer space.

The Man from Mars

man from Mars

You can pretend to be the man from Mars. You are friendly and your ship needs repairs. Or you are negotiating peace with the earthlings. Maybe you just want to give others gifts from your home-world. Or you want to tell others about your life on your planet.

You will need;

  • A paper plate,
  • Green tissue paper
  • Green and white craft foam,
  • White glue
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
  • Black marker
cut out eyes and mouth

Cut holes for eyes and a mouth in your plate. 

add tissue

Cut strips of green tissue paper. With a glue stick, glue tissue paper on the plate.

make the face

Make a nose and facial feature with a marker. (I made mine smile because I think he would be friendly. “Peace.”)

make the antennas

To make the antennas, cut a spoon shape out of green craft foam. (We know that all aliens have antennas somewhere on their head.) Cut another piece of green foam to place on the spoon handle. Next, cut two white ovals. 

glue the pieces together

Glue the green spoon handle on the handle of the spoon shape. Then glue on the white ovals. On the whites make a black dot. Tape the antennas to the paper plate.

Alien from Jupiter

He is ready to ride in a space crafts for kids spaceship.

alien from Jupiter

Beech, beep, humpa, bee... What you can't understand me? 

You will need;

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Clear 16 oz plastic glass
  • Hole punch
  • 2 12-inch pipe cleaners
draw a shape on construction paper

Draw a light bulb shape with an oval at the bottom. Cut the shape out. 

draw a face

Draw eyes and a mouth with a marker.

Punch a hole on each side of the bottom oval.

punch holes in the glass

Punch three holes equally spaced in the plastic cup. On the sides and in the front.

Put the body in the glass

Put the head in the cup. Trim the head if it is too large.

Bend a pipe cleaner in half. Put one end in the hole in the oval and twist the two ends together. Push the folded end through the hole in the cup. 

make arms and legs

With the other pipe cleaner, thread it through the oval and twist the ends. Now bring the folded end around the outside of the cup and into the fold of the other pipe cleaner. Spread the pipe cleaners apart so that it looks like arms and legs. 

Cardboard Tube Alien 

Brr! It's so cold out! Our planet, Pluto, is so far from the sun!

cardboard tube aliens


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Cotton balls
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Glue stick
  • White glue
mark the area for the face

Use your thumb to measure from a cut end of the cardboard tube. Make a line with a pencil.

add cotton

Pull several cotton balls apart so that you have a pile of fuzz.

Use a glue stick to put some glue on one side of the cardboard tube from the line to the bottom of the tube.

Place some cotton fuzz on the glue and push. Use a wet wipe to clean your fingers.

Move to a new area and place some more glue and add some more cotton. Continue until the tube is covered with cotton, except for the top part.

add the pipe cleaners

With a hole punch, make between two and four holes in the section that does not have cotton.

Add pipe cleaners in the holes. Fold in half and twist. 

curl the pipe cleaner

Using a pencil, start at the cardboard tube and twist the pipe cleaner around the pencil. Do the same with the other side. Pull the spiral that you made apart some if you want. 

add the eyes

With white glue, add some eyes.

Alien Egg

Look at what space crafts for kids hatched!

egg alien

The egg is alive!!!

What you need;

  • Green plastic Easter egg
  • 2 Green pipe cleaners
  • Red paper
  • Wiggly eyes
  • White glue
add pipe cleaners to hole in egg

Your Easter egg should have two holes in the bottom and two holes in the top.

Open your egg and stick an end of the pipe cleaner into one of the holes in the top of the egg from the inside. Stick the other end of the pipe cleaner through the other hole. This will be his antenna.

Do the same to the bottom part of the egg with your last pipe cleaner. Make tentacles by blending each end a little.

add the face

Cut out two lips from the red paper and glue them at the crack mark of the egg so when you open and close it will look like he is opening his mouth.

Glue on three wiggly eyes.

As Martians, we have traveled millions of miles to visit Earth. But don't worry, we always come in peace. We have enjoyed helping you make space crafts for kids.

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