Space Crafts for Kids for Out of this World Fun

Let your imagination soar with space crafts for kids. Your children can make imaginary creatures from the world of Sci-Fi. Or learn about the night sky.

Click on the pictures to find the directions for space crafts for kids.

Make a rocket to pretend that you are visiting far off planets. The craft is easy all you need to use is a small recycled box and some craft supplies.

You have discovered little green men on the planet Mars. Make this mask so that you will fit in. Then they will let you alone to explore the planet.

While in space you see some cool flat flying disks. Do you think that the occupants are friendly? Remember the design so that when you are back home you can make a UFO for yourself.

Studying the stars can help you navigate and find your way. Make a stargazer to learn about the constellations. You can either make a disk to fit on a flashlight or make constellations on pieces of paper.

Now that you have made some crafts you can go out and observe the night sky.


Here are some interesting facts about viewing the night sky.

It is best to see the stars where there are no bright lights. It is hard to view the stars in the city.

Stay outside for about 15-20 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

Do not bring any lights! You can bring a light with special red bulbs or cover a regular flashlight with red fabric. Red is the best light source to bring when viewing the night sky.

Unless you are viewing the moon, it is best not to go until it is in the New Moon phase. This is when it is not visual.

When viewing the sun even with special lens never look directly at it!

You don’t have to use an expensive telescope. If you have a good pair of binoculars, they can work very well to see some objects. You can even see some things with just your eyeballs. Or if you have the stuff, you could even make your own telescope.

There are more interesting facts on each of the craft pages.

So make some space craft for kids today!

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