Abigail Bible Story Craft  - a Women Brings Peace

by Karen & Grace Morris

Use this Abigail Bible story craft with your Sunday school lesson. Most of the pieces are on a PDF so, it is easy to make.

David and his men were in the area of Carmel. A rich man named Nabal was shearing his sheep there. Abigail, his wife, was also in Carmel.

As an act of peace, David sent ten men to Nabal. David's men also asked Nabal to provide food. Nabal said no. David was not happy and declared this an act of war.

Abigail found out what was happening. So she loaded donkeys with 200 loaves of bread, 2 skins of wine, 5 prepared sheep, 5 measures of parched grain, and 200 cakes of figs.

David was pleased and, he did not hurt Nabal or his men. You can read about Abigail and David in 1 Samuel chapter 25.

The Abigail Bible Story Craft - Supplies;

  • Copy of PDF
  • Brown construction paper
  • Card stock
  • A scrap of back paper
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard tube (toilet paper size)
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Tacky glue
  • Black craft string (optional)
  • Black marker
  • Paper clips
  • Construction paper for the pack
PDF of the Abigail crafts

Print the PDF. Print the donkey pieces on card stock. (Or use regular paper and cut the body from card stock.) The food can be printed on regular paper.

use the pieces as patterns

Cut the donkey pieces out and use them as a pattern.  

cut the pieces out

Cut the head and body from brown construction paper. Cut the nose from black paper.

glue the brown paper and cardstock together

Glue wiggly eyes to the face. Also, glue the black nose to it. With a marker, draw two circles for the nostrils and a curved line for the mouth on the nose.

Glue the card stock body to the brown body. 

make the tail

Make a tail by wrapping craft string around your fingers about five times. Cut another piece of string and tie it near the top loops. Cut the bottom.

glue the tail and body piece to the tube

Hold the cardboard tube on its side. The open ends are near your hands. Add a line of glue to the top. At one end, add the tail. It will hang over one of the open ends.

Place the body on the line of glue. Add a line of glue to the sides of the tube.

finish the donkey

Press the body into the glue. Add paper clips to the back near the tail. The paper clips will help the paper to stick.

On the other open end, add a line of glue. Add the face over the glue. Place the donkey face down on a table and let the glue dry. If you think the head will not stay on, tape the head to the cardboard tube.

Abigail Bible Story Craft  - the Pack

You will need;

draw a rectangle

Draw a rectangle that measures 4 by 9 inches. Now, measure 4 inches from the top and bottom on each side, make a 1-inch line. There are 2 inches between the two lines.

cut on your lines

Cut on your lines.

fold in half

Fold the rectangle in half the long way and unfold. Now, it will be easier when you add the food to the pack.

fold the sides up

Fold the top and bottom to the center, glue the side together.

cut the food pictures from the PDF

Color the food and cut out from the PDF.

add the food to the pack and place the pack on the donkey

After gluing, add the food to the pack. Then put it on the donkey.

With Abigail Bible story craft, your class can pretend to be someone bringing provisions to David's army.

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