Epic Bible Crafts for Gideon

by Karen & Grace Morris

Use these Bible crafts for Gideon to help children remember the story facts.

The story of Gideon is found in Judges chapters 6 through 8. The ideas for the crafts come from Judges 6:36-40 and 7:16-25.

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He was an interesting Bible character. The Lord came to Gideon and told him to save the Israelites from the Midianites. He collected an army of only 300 men. With the help of God, he fought the Midianites and saved Israel.

The Wet and Dry Fleece Craft

Wet and Dry fleece craft

Gideon asked God for a sign. You can find the story in Judges 6 verses 36 through 40.

You will need;

  • Green construction paper
  • White felt
  • White Glue
  • Gray and Black marker
  • Gray crayon
  • Sheet protector
  • Scissors
  • Tape
color the felt

Cut 2 pieces of felt 4 by 3 inches. This will be the fleece.

Cut your construction paper to fit in the plastic sheet protector. With a gray marker, make some marks on one of the felt pieces. 

color the green paper

On the paper with the colored felt write “Day 1”  On the other side write “Day 2”.

Also, on day 2 use a gray crayon to make a puddle around the felt.

cut plastic

Place the green paper in the sheet protector. Cut around the felt on the day one side. Save the square of plastic.

cover the felt with plastic

Turn your picture over. And cut most of the sheet protector off the day 2 side.

Take the leftover square of plastic and tape it to the felt with the gray marks. So that it looks and feels wet.

Gideon's Army

men that used their hands to drink

32,000 men came to be in Gideon's army. The LORD said that it was too many. Gideon asked that anyone afraid needed to leave. And 22,000 left and only 10,000 remained.

The LORD said that it was still too many. So there was a test. Those who bent their knee and drank from the stream were removed.

300 used their hands and lapped like a dog. These were the men that Gideon and the LORD choose for the army.

You will need;

  • PDF of Gideon's men (opens in a new window)
  • Scissors
  • Pushpin optional
  • Brads
  • Color crayon or markers optional
attach the arms to the body

Download and print the PDF. (opens in a new window)

It is optional, but you can color the picture with crayons or markers.

Cut the man and arms out.

With a push pin, make holes for the brad. Using a pushpin helps to make the hole that the brad needs to go through. Attach the arms to the shoulders and at the elbows with brads.

To make the soldier drink, bring the hands up to the mouth.

Bible Crafts for Gideon
How the War Was Won

Trumpet Craft

trumpet craft

Trumpets during Biblical times were usually made from rams horns.

You will need;

  • Construction paper
  • Craft string
  • Tape
roll the paper

Roll the paper from one corner to the other corner. Roll so that you have one small end and a larger one.

Bend the roll about 5 inches from the smaller end. 

add the string

Cut a piece of craft string about 18 inches. Tie one end to the bend.

Poke a small hole near the larger end and tread the thread through. Make a knot in the string. Tape the top of the hole, so the thread will stay.

Torch in a Jar Craft 

torch in the jar craft

In the men's left hands they held a jar with a torch in it. When Gideon blew the trumpet, the other men were to blow theirs and break the jar.

The Midianites were confused by the noise and killed each other. Judges 7:16-22.


  • Paper coffee cup
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch
  • Construction paper
  • Yellow and Orange streamer
  • Glue stick

Making the Jar

cut the cup

Cut on the seam on the coffee cup. Also, cut out the bottom of the cup.

The jars that were used by Gideon's army were probably made out of some type of pottery. We will use a paper cup so that we should be able to "break" it more than once.

cut a strip of paper

Cut a piece of paper 1 by 4 inches.

Fold the paper in half. Cut from the fold to the corner to make a pointed end.

staple the paper to the cup

Staple the end that is not pointed to the center of the cup.

With a hole punch, make two or three holes across from the strip of paper you just stapled. You want the “hole” big enough for the paper slit to go through.

thread the paper through the hole

Thread the paper through the hole.

Making the Torch

cut piece of streamer

Cut four pieces of yellow streamer 5 inches long.

Also, cut four pieces of orange streamer 5 inches long. 

make the flame

Cut a flame on each piece. An easy way is to stack several pieces, fold in half, and then cutting from the fold to the corner.

Unfold, you should have a “v” shape on the end of each streamer piece.

glue the flames to paper

Using a pattern of yellow, orange, yellow, glue the uncut ends to the construction paper.

roll the paper

Roll the paper into a tube. 

write the message on a piece of paper

On a piece of construction paper, approximately 2 by 10 inches, write “the sword of the Lord and of Gideon” Judges 7:18 KJV.

glue the paper to the jar and place the torch in the jar

Glue the strip of paper to the cup. Make a slit so that the hole is not covered.

Place the torch in the jar.

You can break the jar by removing the paper strip from the hole in the cup.

While making Bible crafts for Gideon, you can remember that with God, all things are possible. Even when the odds seem impossible. God is truly awesome!

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