Bible Crafts for Samson
The Strong Man

by Karen & Grace Morris

While doing the Bible crafts for Samson, kids will learn about a judge of Israel. You can read about him in Judges chapters 13-16 in the Bible.

He was very strong. He could wrestle with a lion or use a donkey's jawbone to kill a 1,000 men! We are reminded that Samson was only strong because God give him strength.

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Learn about a
Strong Man with
Bible Crafts for Samson

Samson Was Born a Nazarite

Samson was born a Nazarite (you can read about his birth in Judges 13). Nazarite's were not to eat grapes or drink wine. They also were not allowed to cut their hair or touch corpses or graves. (The vow of a Nazarite is found in Numbers 6:1-21)

Don't Do It! Signs

These Bible crafts for Samson will teach you the rite of being a Nazarite.

don't do it signs for Samson

What you will need;

  • 6 paper plates
  • Colored paper (gray, brown and purple)
  • Optional markers to color items in the colors you need
  • Large craft sticks
  • Brown yarn
  • Black and red marker
  • Glue stick
  • White glue

Don't Eat or Drink Grapes or Wine! Sign

wine glass

Out of gray paper, draw a wine glass and cut out.

add wine

Out of purple paper, draw a half circle that can fit inside the wine glass. This will be the liquid for the wine.

make grapes

Draw several small circles out of purple paper for grapes.

add glass and grapes to plate

Glue the grapes and glass in the center of a paper plate.

add a prohibition sign

Cut out a prohibition sign from a new paper plate. A prohibition sign is a circle with a diagonal slash through it.

Make sure that the circle part fits good around the rim of your signs. You will need three of these. Color them with a red marker.

Glue one prohibition sign to the paper plate.

Don't Cut Your Hair! Sign

make a pair of scissors

Make a pair of scissors out of gray paper, and cut out. (How to make scissors are in Delilah's crafts below)

add scissors and hair to plate

Cut some brown yarn. This will be hair.

Glue the stuff to the center of a paper plate.

Don't Touch Dead Things! Sign

make crossbones

With gray paper, make crossbones and cut out.

make a tombstone

Also, with gray paper make a tombstone, and cut out. Write on it with a black marker, "R.I.P.". You could also use a gray marker to color your crossbones and tombstone.

make a hand

Draw a small hand out of brown paper, and cut out.

add the pieces to the paper plate

Glue the stuff to the center of another paper plate.

Glue one prohibition sign to each of your signs.

Attach a large craft stick to the back.

Bible crafts for Samson and Delilah

Samson fell in love with Delilah. But Delilah was bribed by the lords of the Philistines. She was told to find out why Samson was so strong, so that the Philistines could capture him.

The Philistines would give her 1,100 pieces of silver if she could find out. Delilah agreed to this and tried to figure out Samson's weaknesses. (Read Judges 16: 4-5)

The next Bible crafts for Samson will help you remember the lies that Samson told and how he lost his strength.

The Seven Fresh Bowstrings

Delilah asked Samson how one might bind him. Samson lied to her. He said that if he was bound with seven fresh bowstrings, he would become weak like any other man.

Delilah didn't know he was lying to her, so she told this to the Philistines. Yet, when Delilah did this, Samson was able to snap the bowstrings. (Read Judges 16: 6-9)


Facts about Bowstring:

The bowstring attaches to the two ends of a bow. You can draw back the string of a bow to project an arrow. The string can be made from almost any material, such as linen.

The bowstring used to bound Samson was freshly made and was not dried, so it was very tough to break. Most people would have a hard time pulling this string on a bow.


7 standard rubber bans

hold a rubber band in each hand

Hold one rubber band with your right hand and the other one with your left hand.

overlap the two bands

Overlap the ends that you are not holding. Grab the top end and bring it under the bottom one.

pull to make knot

Then pull up. It will make a knot and tie the two rubber bands together. Continue until all seven bands are fastened together.

You could go and make seven of them if you want. So you have the same amount as in the story.

New Ropes

Delilah asks a second time how to bind Samson. So Samson lied again and told her that if they bound him with new ropes, he would become weak like any other man. 

Delilah didn't know he was lying, so she told this to the Philistines. But, when Delilah bound Samson, he was able to snap the new ropes before the Philistines could capture him. (Read Judges 16: 10-12)


Facts About Rope:

Rope is a group of fibers that have been twisted or braided together.

What you will need;

Brown Yarn

bread three strand together

Cut your brown yarn in nine equal pieces. 18 1/2 inches is a good length.

Take three of your pieces of yarn. Tie one of the ends together. Braid the strands together, then knot the end.

braid more yarn together

Do the same to the rest of your yarn.

braid everything together

Take the three braided pieces and tie the ends together. Braid them, when you reach the end tie to secure the braid. Your yarn should now look like rope.

The Loom

Delilah asks a third time how to bind Samson. So Samson lied for a third time. He told her that if she were to weave the seven locks of his hair to the web of the loom. Then fasten it tight with a pin.

He would then become weak like any other man.  Again, Delilah didn't know he was lying, so she told this to the Philistines. 

When she did this to him, and before the Philistines were able to catch him, Samson pulled away the pin, the loom, and the web. (Read Judges 16:13-14)


Facts About Looms

You can use a loom to weave yarn to make cloth. Looms can be made in various shapes and sizes. They can be made out of wood or metal.

Materials Needed;

  • 4 large craft sticks
  • 2 regular sized craft sticks
  • Craft foam
  • Hole punch
  • Tacky Glue
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
glue the Popsicle sticks together

Glue the corners of the large craft sticks together. Hold in place with paper fasteners.

Let dry overnight.

making the heddle

Cut seven pieces of craft foam 2 1/4 by 1/2 inches.

Make a hole in the center of each piece with a hole punch.

Glue the ends of the first piece to the craft sticks. At the other end, glue another piece of craft foam.

adding pieces to the heddle

Now fill in the space with the other five pieces, leaving a small space between each piece. This will be the heddle.

The heddle makes it easier to weave the yarn over and under the warp threads. (The warp is the thread that is wrapped around the loom.)

treading the loom

When the glue is dry, place the heddle in the center of the loom. Gather a skein of yarn. Take the end of the yarn and put it through the first hole in the heddle. Bring it over the top of the loom and over.

Next go through the slit in the heddle continue to the other side of the loom and go around it. Bring the yarn through the next hole.

finish adding yarn and tie the ends

Continue until all the holes and slits are used. When you are done, tie both loose ends on the loom.

cut yarn for hair

Cut seven pieces of brown yarn for the "hair". 

weaving on the loom

Cut a piece of craft foam about 2 by 1/2 inches to make a shuttle. Punch a hole in the center and cut a slit on one end.

Hold the heddle up so that the yarn in the holes is above the other yarn. Thread the shuttle under the yarn in the holes. It will be on top of the yarn in the slits.

Now hold the heddle below the loom so that the yarn in the slits is above. Thread the shuttle under this yarn.

Continue lifting the heddle up and down until all seven pieces of yarn are used.

You could use this loom to weave a small project such as a coaster. When using the shuttle, you would not cut the yarn, but wrap it several times. It just needs to be small enough to fit between the yarn on the loom.

When finishing a full project; cut the yarn from the loom and tie two stands of yarn together.

Want to weave a blanket for a doll? Find out how here.


Delilah was angry when Samson mocked her three times. She accused him of not loving her. She urged him for several days to tell her where his strength comes from.

After a while, Samson told her the truth. He told her that because he was a Nazarite since birth, a razor never touched his head.  If his head was shaved, then he would lose his power.

Delilah had Samson sleep on her knees and had a man come in to shave his head. She tormented Samson. And when Samson awoke, the Philistines came and caught him. (Read Judges 16:15-21)


What you will need;

  • Cardboard (a cereal box works great)
  • Washi tape
  • Brad
  • Hole punch
  • Push pin
scissor pieces

Before you cut your cardboard, look at your scissors. See how it is made up of two pieces? Each handle has a hole for your fingers and then comes to a point. You will want to cut two pieces of cardboard so that it looks this.

decorate your pieces

Decorate your cardboard pieces. Washi tape looks pretty cool.

attach the two pieces

About 1 inch from the finger hole on each scissor piece, make a hole using the push pin. Push the brad in.

The next two Bible crafts for Samson are about his strength.

 Between the Pillars
Bible Crafts for Samson

In Judges 16 we learn that the Philistines wanted Samson to entertain them. They place Samson between two pillars. Samson's hair has grown out, but he also calls out to God to strengthen him this last time. (Judges 16: 23-31)

Samson between the pillars

Supplies You Will Need;

  • 8 straws
  • 2 3oz cups
  • Push pin
  • Tape
  • Washi tape
  • 4 brown pipe cleaners
  • 1 large wooden spool
  • 1 small wooden spool
  • l large wooden bead (size for head)
  • 8 tiny wooden beads (small for arms)

The Pillars

tape straws together

Take four of your straws and tape them together. Do the same to your other four straws.

make holes in cups

With the push pin, make a hole at the bottom of your 3 oz. cups. Cut a larger hole with your scissors, so your straws can fit through.

add straws

Decorate your 3 oz. cups with washi tape.

Push the straws through the hole.

Now you have your pillars!

How to Make Samson

add spool to pipe cleaners

Take two of your pipe cleaners and stick them in the large spool. You will want the spool to be about halfway on the pipe cleaners. There will be about 5 inches below the spool and 5 1/2 inches above.

make legs

Bend the 5-inch piece of pipe cleaner below the spool in half. Now bend about 1 1/4 inches so that it looks like he is standing on his knees. Do the same to the other leg.

add spool

Stick the smaller spool on both of the two pipe cleaners that are connected on the larger spool. Leave about 1/4 inch between the two spools.

add bead

Place the larger wooden bead on top.

bend on pipe cleaner around and through bead

To make hair, take one of the pipe cleaners and bend it down and through the hole in the bead.

bend the pipe cleaner down again

Next, take the same piece of pipe cleaner and bend down again. He will have two stands of hair.

make 4 strands of hair

Do the same with the other pipe cleaner that is coming out of the bead. Now he has four stands of hair.

add another pipe cleaner

Get another pipe cleaner, put it through the hole in the bead. Twist it around the neck of the doll. Bend it down and up through the bead.

continue until he has 7 stands

Continue until he has seven strands of hair. Cut off about 2 1/4 inches. Bend the end so it does not come off.

add pipe cleaner

For the arms, twist one 12 inch pipe cleaner between the two spools.

add beads

Take your four tiny wooden beads and stick them on one side of your doll's arm.

bend the pipe cleaner back

Then bend your pipe cleaner and stick it in the four wooden beads again. Bend the end up some so that it looks like a hand and so that the beads don't come off.

do the same with the other arm

Do the same to the other arm.

Now position the Samson doll on his knees and grasping the two pillars.

Samson Asking God for Strength

Psalms 28:7 is a good reminder that God is our strength, not the length of our hair or our abilities.

Samson asking for strength

For this craft you will need;

  • Large craft stick
  • Markers
  • Yarn
  • Scrap of paper
  • Scissors
  • White glue
decorate craft stick

With markers, decorate the craft stick so that it looks like a person.

cut yarn for hair

Cut piece of yarn for hair. Glue the hair to the top of the craft stick.

make the arms

Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Draw a diagonal line. Add a small curve about halfway up for the muscle bulge. Cut the shape out. This will be Samson's arms.

write the verse on the arms

Unfold the arms. On the arms, write. "The Lord is my strength. Psalm 28:7".

glue the arms to the stick

Glue the arms to the craft stick.

Bible crafts for Samson are a great reminder that God is our strength.

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