Christmas Tree Crafts that Kids Can Make

Come let’s make some Christmas tree crafts together. Your kids can make trees for every room of the house.

Make a paper tree to sit on their desk in the bedroom.

Give one as a gift to mom or grandma.

Or make an ornament.

christmas tree crafts

Christmas Tree Crafts Your Kids Can Make

Do you want an easy Christmas gift for mom or grandma? Here is a beaded Christmas tree pin that your child can make in an afternoon. No gluing required.

This is a simple Christmas ornament that kids can make. They could even make some while you are making sugar cookies. They use the same cookie cutters.

Your kids can make a paper plate tree and place it on their desk. Then their bedroom will look festive. You can cut out the basic design then decorate it anyway you want with supplies that you have on hand.

The glitter makes this tree interesting. You can make it either on a piece of paper or paper plate. Your child will only use three fingers to make this handprint tree.

Facts about Christmas Trees

Trees can either be a real pine, fir, or spruce. Today we have artificial trees that look like the real thing. They are usually made out of plastic. In the 1800’s people made artificial trees out of dyed feathers. Also in the 1960’s it was popular in the United States to have an aluminum tree.

Before the use of artificial trees, people put up theirs close to Christmas day. Some would wait until Christmas Eve, others put up the tree about a week or two earlier.

According to Wikipedia in the past Christmas trees were decorated with food such as apples and nuts. Today decorations vary widely. We use strings of lights, Christmas balls, and other ornaments. On the top of the tree you might find a star or angel.

So now that you have some facts about trees. It is time to get crafting The pictures will take you to the craft pages.

Christmas tree crafts will keep your kids entertained this holiday season. Make several to decorate your house and give as gifts. I bet your children can’t wait to get started. (They are also probably excited to see what Santa had left them under the tree).

Here is another tree

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