5 Christmas Wreath
Crafts for Kids

by Karen & Grace Morris

It’s time to decorate! We have five Christmas wreath crafts for kids to choose from. Each activity uses a different material that is easy to find. You should find one project that your child can do today with the supplies that you have on hand.

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Christmas wreaths for kids

Puzzle Wreath

Making a puzzle wreath is an inexpensive project. I found a hundred piece puzzle at my local dollar store. From the puzzle I was able to make two wreaths. If you have a puzzle with missing pieces, this project would be even cheaper.

puzzle wreath

You will need;

  • At least 42 puzzle pieces with a white backing
  • Green paint
  • Large plastic brush used for cleaning. Mine looks like a large toothbrush with long stiff bristles.
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
paint puzzle green

Paint the picture side with green paint using a paint brush. Let the pieces dry.

turn over dab paint on other side

Next turn the pieces over with the plastic brush dab green paint on the white side. Let dry.

When you are waiting for the paint to dry you can sing Christmas carols such as The Twelve Days of Christmas.

cut center out of paper plate

Cut a circle out of thin cardboard. I used the center of a paper plate.

make a ring

Cut the inside again so that you have a ring. The puzzle pieces that I used are 1 inch so, I made the ring 1/2 inch wide.

add puzzle pieces

Place a puzzle piece with the white side up, on the ring. On one of end of the puzzle piece make a line with glue. Place another puzzle piece on the glue.

Overlap the pieces all the way around the circle. It will take approximately 22 pieces to go around the circle. Let the glue dry.

turn over add more puzzle pieces

When the glue is dry turn the wreath over and glue puzzle pieces around the other side of the circle.

Be sure to add a piece of string or ribbon for a hanger on one end.

The white on the wreath looks like snow, so we can sing…. Let it snow, let it snow.

Pasta Wreath

Most people don’t think of making wreaths out of pasta but it is easy and fun for young children to use. Wreaths are usually made out of evergreen branches.

pasta wreath


  • A piece of cardboard
  • Green shell pasta
  • Two red Penne Pasta pieces
  • Tacky glue
cut a circle of cardboard

Cut a large piece of cardboard about 8 inches across.

cut out center of circle

Cut out the center, leaving about 1 inch of cardboard.

Dye your shell pasta green and your Penne Pasta red. You can find out how here. The page will open in another window.

add red pasta

When your pasta is dye and dry, glue the red Penne Pasta on the cardboard.

glue green pasta on circle

Glue the green pasta around the circle.

Wreaths are sometimes put around Advent candles at Christmas time.

 A Unique Christmas Wreath Crafts for kids Pipe Cleaner

A wreath made of pipe cleaners? Pipe cleaners are flexible and come in different colors. You can bend them into lots of things such as a wreath.

pipe cleaner wreath

All you need are eight pipe cleaners and fabric lace to make a bow.  I used four red and four green, but you could also do a candy cane wreath with red and white.

twist red and green pipe cleaners together

Twist the red and green together. Make four sets. 

twist the pipe cleaners in a circle

Next twist two sets together. Place the other two sets inside and connect everything together.

add bow

Tie your lace into a bow and place on the bottom of your wreath.

Make Some Green Pompoms

This smaller wreath would make a nice decoration for a present or Christmas tree.

pompom wreath

You need;

  • Green yarn,
  • Fork,
  • Tapestry needle
  •  A different colored yarn for the bows with. I used a yarn called peppermint twist. If you can’t find it you could use red or white.
make pompoms

Make ten pompoms with your fork. You can find directions for making a pompom with a fork here. The page will open in another window so you will not lose this page.

thread needle and begin to sew

When you have made all the pompoms thread a tapestry needle with yarn.

sew the pompoms together

Sew the pompoms together.

tie in a circle and add bows

Make a circle and tie the string in a knot.

With a different colored yarn make bows. Glue the bows to the wreath.

Green is a common Christmas color. Years ago people used green in the dark winter months to remind them of spring.

A Laced Up Christmas Wreath

A Lacing card is a great development tool. They can help with fine motor control and hand-eye coordination. By the way punching all the holes is fun for either the parent or child.

lacing wreath


  • A paper plate,
  • Yarn in three different colors,\
  • A hole punch,
  • Scissors
  • A plastic tapestry needle is nice to have for lacing the holes.
cut out center of plate

First cut the center out of your paper plate leaving the rim in tacked.

make holes

Now punch holes around the outside and inside of the circle. Don’t punch too close to the cut edge or other holes.  I liked to have most of my inside and outside holes line up.

thread yarn through the holes

Cut a long length of yarn the same length from each of your different colors. Thread your needle with the yarn. Start at one hole. I taped the cut ends on the back of the plate. Now sew to the opposite hole.

To make the wreath fuller stitch twice in a hole.

finish the wreath

Continue around the circle. If you need more yarn tape the ends to the back and thread your needle with yarn again.

Wreaths are not always used as door decorations, but are sometimes worn on a person’s head like a crown.

Wreaths for Christians symbolize eternal life because they are in a circle shape. They have no beginning or end. Though our Christmas wreaths for kids should not be hung outside, they would look great in your house.

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