Cornucopia Crafts for Kids  Autumn Fun

by Karen & Grace Morris

Celebrate the harvest with easy to make cornucopia crafts for kids. The cornucopia is also called the horn of plenty. It is often a woven horn-shaped basket filled with flowers or produced.

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It is used as a symbol of an overabundance of food. This is why people put it on their tables around Thanksgiving; to show that they have plenty to go around.

Cornucopia Wreath

cornucopia wreath

Hang this cute autumn decoration on your wall.

You will need;

picture of PDF

Download and print the FREE PDF. (link will open in another window) Copy as many pages of the pumpkin, corn, grapes, and apple page as you think that you will need. Note we added more corn, grapes, and apples to the PDF. 

cut the rim out of the paper plate

Fold the paper plate slightly so that you can cut out the center along the rim.

Color and cut out the cornucopia.

cut off the excess part of the plate

Place the cornucopia on the paper plate so that the bottom lines up with the bottom of the rim. Part of the paper plate will show near the pointed end cut this area off.

glue the cornucopia to the plate

Glue the cornucopia to the plate.

add the fruit and vegetables

If you have not already done so, print off a copy of the pumpkin, corn, grapes, and apples page. (I did use two pumpkins, so I needed two copies.)

Color the fruit and vegetables, then cut them out.

Place the fruit and vegetables on the plate. Then glue them in place.

Cornucopia Craft for Preschool

cornucopia craft for preschool

This horn of plenty is super easy and fun.

You will need;

  • Copy of PDF (link will open in another window)
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Paper for background
picture of PDF

Download and print the FREE PDF. (link will open in another window)

color and cut out the shape

Print, color, and cut out the cornucopia. Glue to the background paper.

color the picture, cut out, and glue

Print, color, and cut out the fruits and vegetables. Glue them to the picture.

Horn of Plenty Craft 

horn of plenty craft

You could even fill this horn with a plastic bag of fall shaped cookies or other treats.

You will need;

  • Brown construction paper
  • Scraps of fall colored construction paper
  • White glue
  • Paper clips
  • Marker
add glue

Place the brown paper so that one corner is facing you. Bring 3 1/2 inches over and add a line of glue near the edge.

secure with a paper clip

Bring the opposite end over to meet the glue. Secure with a paper clip.

close the bottom end

Roll the corner over, making a cone shape. Secure the corner with a paper clip. Let the glue dry.

write your message

Write “Give Thanks” on the inside of the cornucopia.

cut out fruit and vegetable shapes

Make some fruit and vegetables from construction paper. 

glue the fruit and vegetables to the horn

Glue the pumpkins so that they will stand in front of the opening. Add the apples near the point. Add the grapes to the sides.

Unique Cornucopia Crafts for Kids

With the next two cornucopia crafts for kids we will not use fall fruit and vegetables but different colored paper and beads.

Circle Horn of Plenty Craft

circle cornucopia

Use 3 different sized circles to make a cornucopia.

You will need;

  • 2 sheets of brown construction paper
  • 3 different sized round shapes for patterns such as a cottage cheese lid, coaster, and a fruit cup
  • Orange, yellow, green tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • White glue
cut your circles

You will need a large circle approximately 4 3/4 inches, another circle approximately 4 inches, and a small one about 3 1/4 inches. 

Cut three large circles, three medium circles, and two small circles. You will also need a pear shape with a bottom circle approximately 3 1/4 inches and a top approximately 2 inches.

glue the circles together

Overlap the three large circles so that an inch or so shows. Glue them together.

Next, place one of the medium circles with approximately 1 1/2 inches showing and more to one side. Add the other two medium pieces.

Then continue adding pieces. Add the pear shape last to make the point of the cornucopia.

cut tissue squares

Cut pieces of fall colored tissue paper approximately 1 to 2 inches square. Roll the squares into balls.

glue the tissue to the cornucopia

Place some glue on the first circle. Add the tissue paper balls. When the circle is filled, press the tissue in the glue so that it will stick.

Cornucopia Place Setting Craft

beaded cornucopia

A great gift that can be used as a place setting on Thanksgiving Day!

You will need;

  • Brown craft foam
  • Empty fruit cup
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Fall colored pony beads
draw a circle at one end

Place the open end of the fruit cup on a piece of brown craft foam near one corner. Draw around the circle.

make the horn shape

Now draw a line from the circle to the opposite top corner. Curve the line some so that it makes the point of the horn.

Draw a line from the bottom of the circle to the corner. (I used a marker so that you can see the lines, but you can use a pencil, just don't press too hard.)

cut the shape out

Cut the shape out.

glue the beads to the horn

On the circle portion of the cornucopia, add some tacky glue. Add fall colored pony beads in a pattern to represent pumpkins, grapes, corn, and apples. Add a little more glue so that the beads stick together. Let the glue dry overnight.

Make several and write the names of your guests on each one. Place them on their plates on Thanksgiving. It's great to remind them to fill their plates with plenty. ;)

Fill your home with plenty of cornucopia crafts for kids this fall.

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