Cute Dog Crafts for Kids

by Karen & Grace Morris

We are sure that any dog lovers would enjoy these cute dog crafts for kids! They come in many shapes, sizes, colors.

Use a water bottle or paper towel roll to make a cute decoration for your desk. If you like to read you can make a puppy bookmark.

As you can see all the projects use easy to find materials. They are also inexpensive to make.

dog crafts for kidsLook what you can make!

Puppy Bookmark

We all like to read in our house (so bookmarks are very important to us). Here is a bookmark that you can save or give away as a gift to your Mom or Dad.

dog bookmarkno more "dog eared" pages

 All you will need is some construction paper, a glue stick and markers.

Cut a ten-by-one-inch piece of construction paper. Fold it in half. Cut a circle for a puppy’s head. Then cut tear drop shape for ears. Glue the pieces on the bookmark. Draw facial features with a marker.

Write a message underneath (I made two and on mine I wrote: ‘Dogs rule!’ and ‘Man’s best friend’.

I know almost everyone love puppies and hope that you and your kids would love this making these.


Do you like puppets? Then this dog craft for kids is for you. I used craft foam and tacky glue to make it.

craft foam dog puppet

Cut two rectangles two-and-three-fourth by one-and-one-half-inches. Next, round the top of each rectangle. Make two ears out of the same color of foam. Cut a half circle for the nose and two circles for eyes out of black craft foam.

Glue the two rectangles together by placing a thin line of glue around the outside of dog. Do not glue the bottom together. Glue on the ears and facial features. Let it sit over night. In the morning place a Popsicle stick in the opening. Your puppet is done. (Woof, woof, or is it arf?)

Up-cycled Dog Crafts for Kids

I like using water bottles and paper towel rolls when making kids crafts. All I have to do is to add some felt, paper, yarn, or craft foam to make a cute project.

Shaggy Dog

Here is a sheep dog that will guard your pretend sheep.

shaggy dog craft

The supplies that you need are;

  • An empty water bottle
  • White yarn
  • White and black felt
  • White and tacky glue

Cut several pieces of white yarn nine-inches long. (Does all this hair makes me look fat?) Lay the water bottle on its side. Place a layer of glue on the topside. Lay your yarn on the glue so that it hangs and curls at the sides.

Next cut more yarn seven-and-one-half-inches long. Glue this around the neck of the bottle.

Out of white felt cut a short tail, ears, and a head. Glue the tail to the bottle cap and the head and ears to the bottom with tacky glue.

Make a nose, mouth, and eyes out of black Attach to the face with tacky glue.
Cut more white yarn one-inch long and glue to just cover the eyes. You want the eyes to peak out some. (peak-a-boo)

Whenever I see a sheep dog I always think about a mop.

This would be a good decoration to complete your farm seen or to give to a dog lover that you know. Hope that you enjoy making it!

Paper Roll Pull Toy Dog

When I was a kid I remember having a dog pull toy. It had red wheels. I thought that it had a slinky toy in the middle. So I looked online for a similar toy. I found ones with red wheels and ones with slinky bodies but I didn’t find one with both features. So I made my own.

pull toy dog

For this craft you will need,

  • An empty toilet paper roll
  • Four small bottle caps
  • Red tissue paper
  • Scraps of brown, black, and white construction paper
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors

First I cut the paper roll in a spiral. I then covered the bottle caps with red tissue paper (these will be its wheels). I found that using a glue stick was easier than using white glue.

I cut a circle out of light brown paper for the head. The ears are a tear drop shape. I used a darker brown for the ears. Cut out white half circles for the eyes. I then used a black marker to draw on the pupils. Make the nose and mouth by drawing a circle with and upside down “m” attached. Glue the ears and face to the head.

I taped the head to one end of the paper roll. A little ways from the head tape two bottle caps for the front feet. Near the last spiral tape on two more bottle caps for the hind feet.

Make sure that the end of the spiral is pointing up for the tail.

Though his wheels won’t roll, he would make a great toy for anyone!

Foot long Dog

I was thinking about  dachshund when I made this dog. They have long bodies with short legs.

dog made with recycled materialsI am just under twelve inches long

 For this project you will need;

  • A long empty paper towel roll
  • A jar lid
  • Scrapes of construction paper in brown, white, and black
  • Tape
  • Glue

Cut a circle out of brown construction paper that will fit the outside of your jar lid. Also make brown dog ears. Make a nose by cutting a half circle. The eyes are also half circles. Make black dots for the eye pupils. Glue the pieces together to make the dog’s face. Then glue it to the jar lid.

Cut four slits in the paper towel roll. Fold the slits out so that you can tape them to the lid. I tried glue but it didn’t stick.

Make legs and feet by rounding rectangles. Glue them to the roll. Let the dog sit for several hours on its back so that the legs will dry. Make a tail and tape to the end of the paper towel roll. Your dog is finished. (“I am a hot dog.” Hmm, am I a hot dog or a hound dog?’)

Now it is your turn to do some dog crafts for kids. Look through your recycling bin, find some paper, and glue and let your children create.

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