Dinosaur Crafts for Kids
7 Interesting Projects

by Karen & Grace Morris

Let’s travel back in time and make some dinosaur crafts for kids! Though you probably won’t run into them today, you could go to a museum to see different dinosaur bones. You could see long neck, T. rex, and Stegosaurus, which are some of the giant lizards that we are going to make. (The word dinosaur means “terrible lizard”).

Scientists and artists make all kinds of assumptions of what dinosaurs look like. They do the best they can with the information that they have.

You also can have fun using your imagination. You could use a different colored paint or paper than we did.

dinosaur crafts

Several of the projects use recycled materials.

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A Pteranodon is part of a group called the Pterosaurs. The Pterosaurs included some of the largest flying lizards. Fossils of this creature have been found in the United States.

You could make this mobile for a dinosaur loving friend or sibling to hang above their bed.

Do you know that Pteranodon’s had big wings? Don’t worry; this one’s wings aren’t that big. It is really quite small. You can fit him on a shelf or night stand.

Some dinosaurs were covered in bony scales. The ankylosaurs and several other dinosaurs had armor on their backs, like the crocodiles of today. Shell shaped pasta looks similar to scales. You will also learn how to dye pasta.

A stegosaurus is another armored dinosaur. The armor was broad and upright. An upside down egg carton can remind us of their armor.

The Brachiosaurus was a large extinct creature with a long neck and small head. It also had a thick, short tail. This paper plate dinosaur is easy enough for preschoolers to do.

People thought these guys were scary. But this T. rex just wants to be your friend. Because he is made out of a paper cup, he is tiny, but he is still cute.

Triceratops has a big shield like thing on their head. It was believed to help protect them from predators. This craft uses recycled materials.

Boys will enjoy making these dinosaur crafts for kids.  Some girls like making dinos too.

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