Paper Easter Basket Crafts for Kids

by Karen & Grace Morris

Make Easter basket crafts for kids the center of your kitchen table. Fill it with plastic eggs (just don’t put in any real eggs in). Or you could fill it with candy.

This is a simple paper weaving craft for kids. If your children are interested you can make some intricate woven designs. I have seen hearts, fish, and hot air balloons.

Easter Basket

 An interesting book is The Art of Paper Weaving: 46 Colorful, Dimensional Projects by Anna and Lene Schepper. It starts with basic patterns and shapes. Then it goes into more advanced projects. The pictures are all high quality. I wish I had the time to try the projects. I would have like to make the circus tent or the lamp shade. In the back of the book there are templates that you can copy and print.

For this project you will need;

  • Two or Three different colors of construction paper,
  •  Scissors,
  •  Tape

Direction for Making Easter Basket Crafts for Kids

cut strps

Take one piece of construction paper (I used light blue) fold in half. Make several cuts from the fold to the cut end stopping about 1/2 inch from the cut end. Space the cuts about one inch from each other. This is the base piece.

cut strips size of paper

With another color (I used green) cut one inch strips. Depending how you folded your base paper will determine the length of your cut strips.

weave strips

Weave the green strips through the light blue cuts. The first green strip goes over the first blue strip and in the cut and under the next blue strip.

Then bring it through the cut and over the next blue strip, continue to the end. The next green strip goes under the first blue strip through the cut and over the next blue strip. Continue until you cannot add any more green strips. Tape the ends as you when you get done.

folded woven paper

Now make your basket. Fold in thirds.

basket almost finished

Make a cut on each fold line to about the second woven strip. Tape all the loose ends. Cut the outside corners off. Use more tape to secure the ends. Fold up the two matching ends and tape the corners. To make a rim, crease the blue paper edge to the inside.

Tape any loose ends.  (Trust me not taping the loose ends could cause your basket to fall apart when moving it.)

For the handle cut a strip from another color (I used dark blue) or use one of the two colors you have already used. It needs to be small enough to fit into the weaving. Tuck the handle into the center of the base paper. Tape the ends to secure.

Your Easter basket craft is ready to set on your holiday table. One legend says that the Easter bunny brought eggs, candy, and toys to good girls and boys. 

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