Wobbly, Fuzzy, Cute Easter Chick Crafts for Kids

by Karen & Grace Morris

Your kids will have fun making fuzzy Easter chick crafts. Eggs and chickens are springtime symbols.
Chicks are baby chickens. They are covered in black, brown, or yellow fuzz. Chicks will start to get their feathers when they are a week old. Dark colored chicks will have dark feathers when they are adults. Most people associate yellow with the color of baby chicks.

pompom chick

Even though we associate baby chicks with spring they can hatch anytime.

For this craft you will need;

  • One-half plastic egg
  • Yellow yarn (I used Bernat Happy yarn in the color daisy)
  • Scraps of black paper
  • Scraps of yellow or orange paper

Directions for the Easter Chick Crafts

yarn for chick

First you will need to make a pompom out of yarn. To make it: Cut a piece of yarn about six inches long. Set it aside.

wrap the yarn

Take the end of the yarn that is still on the ball wrap it around three of your fingers. Continue to wrap the yarn about thirty times. You might need to wrap more or less to make a fluffy pompom.

Slip the yarn off your fingers. Take the six-inch piece of yarn and tie it around the center of the yarn bundle. Pull it tight and make a knot.

cut loops

Cut the folded yarn. Trim so that the pieces of yarn are the same length, but don’t trim too much. You want your pompom to be fluffy.

fluff with your hands

Rub with your hands to make it fuzzy (remember that baby chickens are cute and plump looking).

Place your pompom in half of a plastic egg.

cut eyes and beak

Cut circles from black paper for the eyes. Or you could use small wiggly eyes.
Make a beak out of yellow or orange paper. To make the beak cut a small square of paper. Fold one corner to the other corner on the diagonal. You should have a triangular shape.

Glue the beak and eyes to the pompom.

(What came first the chicken or the egg?)

Do you have preschoolers who would like to make a chick? Instead of making your pompom, buy a large yellow one. Your child can then glue the pieces together.

After your kids finish their Easter chick crafts they can place them in a basket. Or use the whole egg and hid the chick inside to be found during your Easter egg hunt. Another idea is to display your chick in front of an open plastic egg.

You can also make an adult chicken using a three oz. cup.

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