Easy Fall Crafts for Children's Church

by Karen & Grace Morris

It is harvest time! And fall crafts for children's church are a fun way to represent the Bible during this time of change. The crafts are based on different Bible verses about the harvest and the changing seasons. As always, the projects are easy and use materials that you can find in your supply cabinet.

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fall crafts for children's church

A Pumpkin Patch

pumpkins for fall

Craft for Luke 10:2.

You will need;

  • Orange construction paper
  • Construction paper for the background
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black pen 
  • Yellow crayon
cut strips of paper

Cut two 2 1/2 inch strips from orange paper. 

cut rectangles and fold

Then cut the strips into different-sized rectangles. Fold the rectangles in half.

cut the pumpkin out

On the top draw, a curved rectangle for the stem. Also, round the bottom corner.

Cut your shape out.

cut off one side of the stem

To make the stem, cut one side off to the center so that there is only one curved rectangle. You can also just cut a small rectangle on the fold to make a straight stem.

make eleven pumpkins

Make eleven pumpkins, some, small and some large. 

arrange the pumpkins on the background

Arrange your pumpkins on the background. Use the small pumpkins for the shorter words, like “the” and “is”. 

Glue the pumpkins to the background piece. 

Write “The harvest is truly great but, the labors are few.” On the last pumpkin, write “Luke 10:2”.

Color over the words with a yellow crayon. It will make them look like they glow.

The Seasons Change Fall Craft for Children's Church 

the seasons change booklet

This craft will remind your students that Jesus never changes.

You will need;

  • White construction paper
  • Brown crayon
  • Tissue paper
  • Black marker or pen
draw your tree

You will need a broken crayon. Remove the paper from it. Place the side of the crayon on the bottom of the white paper. Move it up to make the trunk of a tree. 

add some branches

Also, make some branches with the side of the crayon. You can also make some thinner branches with the tip of the crayon. 

Make three more trees on your paper. Try to make the trees as similar as you can.

cut orange, red, yellow tissue

Cut some yellow and orange tissue into small pieces.

glue the tissue to the booklet

Glue the tissue to the tree. Also, glue some tissue to the bottom of the picture. You want the tree to look like it does in the fall. Write on your page “The seasons change”.

make the winter page

Now, cut white rectangles 5 1/2 by 6 inches from tissue paper. Roll the strip and glue it to the bottom of the picture to represent snow. You can also add some tissue to the branches if you want. On this page, write “But.” 

cut pink tissue

Next, cut some pink tissue into 1-inch squares.

glue the tissue to the tree

Roll the tissue in balls and glue them to the tree to represent the tree flowering. This will be the spring picture. Write “Jesus".

cut some green tissue

For the last tree, cut seven or more 3-inch squares from green tissue. Roll the tissue into large balls.

glue the tissue to the page

Glue to the top of the tree to represent leaves. On this page, write “is the same” and  “Hebrews 13:8.” 

The Grass Withers and the Flowers Fade

the grass withers and the flowers fade fall craft

Craft for Isaiah 40:8.


  • Green construction paper
  • Orange crayon 
  • A scrap of brown construction paper
  • A scrap of yellow construction paper
color over your background piece

Use the side of a broken orange crayon to color over your green paper. You want it to look like brown grass. 

cut flower pieces

Cut three 2 inch circles from brown paper. Also, cut three 4 by 1/2 inch rectangles. 

Fold two 3 by 1-inch yellow rectangles back and forth accordion style.

cut peddles

From the paper cut, 1 by 1/4 inch peddles.

make the flowers

Glue the stem on the green background piece.

Glue some petals to one side of the circle. You want the flower to look like it is losing its petals.

Place the circle on the stem so that it looks like the flower is wilting.

On the top of your paper, write the verse from Isaiah 40:8.

Use the fall crafts for children's church to decorate your walls for autumn. 

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