Flower Crafts for Kids
for a Blooming Good Time

by Karen & Grace Morris

Want to brighten your day? Make some flower crafts for kids. Soon your house will look cheery. You don’t have to wait for springtime to make these projects. People usually associate flowers with spring because that is when we plant them. There are flowers for every season. In spring we have tulips and daffodils. Summer brings daisies, and roses. Mums bloom when the weather gets cold in the fall. In winter we have poinsettias.

April Showers
May Flowers

Easy flower crafts for kids that will brighten your day. Your kids will love to decorate your house or give them way as gifts.

There are so many types of flowers and so many different ways to craft them. You will find projects that use craft foam, tissue paper, and cupcake liners.

So gather some supplies and the kids and let’s get ready to have some fun.

The pictures will take you to the directions for Flower Crafts for Kids

Foam is a great for making flowers. It comes in many different colors and is easy to cut. Make a tulip or use your imagination to create your own bloom.

Here is an easy project for a preschooler;

Buy flower foam shapes with the sticky backing. Have your child peel the paper backing off the shape. Then stick the shape on a Popsicle stick. Turn it over and stick another flower on the back. Or the preschooler could just stick the shapes on a piece of paper to make a picture.

Do you want big fluffy blooms? Tissue paper is good for this. You can make a flower as large as you want. In the past I use a wire coat hanger to make the stem. With this craft you will use a pipe cleaner.

Cupcake liners aren’t just for cupcakes. With the bright colors that have come out recently you can make all kinds of things. For spring you can make a daffodil. Another idea is to make a daisy. You children can glue tulips on a piece of paper. You can also use the liners to make a potted mum for fall.

While doing your crafting you could read the nursery rhymes like: “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow” or “Ring Around the Rosie”. Or you could sing the song is “I Love the Mountains”.

Your children can use these crafts as Mother’s Day gifts. Or they could even use them to decorate a package.

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