Easy to Do Lion Mask

by Karen & Grace Morris

Design your paper plate lion mask to look scary or friendly. You could make yours to look like characters from the movie Lion King.

lion mask

This project is simple enough for preschoolers to make. I am sure that they would like to pretend to be the king of the jungle for a day. After they make their craft be sure to let them have some time for imaginative play.

You could even read a book about these amazing cats. There are several fiction and nonfiction books made for preschoolers.

For this craft you will need;

  • A paper plate
  • Brown crayon
  • Black marker
  • Yellow and orange construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make a Lion Mask

Start by coloring the plate with a brown crayon. You could also use a yellow crayon because the fur of lions often looks tan or golden brown.

To color large areas I like to use the side of the crayon. This is why I like to keep all my broken pieces.

After your plate is colored cut two triangles for the eyes. Cut another triangle for the nose. Cutting in the center of the plate may be hard for young children. Some parents may want to do this step.

With a black marker draw a mouth. Start at the bottom of the nose triangle, draw a straight line. The line should be about an inch long. Now angle a line to the left and make another line angled to the right. The lines will end at the rim. If you have a stuffed lion you will see similar lines sewn for the mouth.

Cut yellow and orange construction paper in one by two-inch pieces. Or you could use light and dark brown colored paper.

Glue the pieces to the rim of the plate to make a mane.

(Because of the long hair of a male loin’s mane it helps to keep him safe in a fight.)

I have always enjoyed watching lions at the zoo. They look majestic. I usually see the male sitting on a rock. Sometimes his mate is sitting near him. They appear to be observing the people as the people are observing them.

Hold the mask in front of your face. Roar once like a lion. (Now off with your quest to become brave like the lion in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz did.)

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